Bring Raw Beauty Into Your Home With Tree Trunk Tables

Turning a tree stump into a table is really easy since all you need to do is make sure the trunk can stay up straight and has the right size. This means you just found the perfect DIY project to try next. Sure, designers recognized the great potential and came up with some pretty awesome creations based on tree trunks. Check out these great stump tables and see for yourself.

First, let’s see exactly how you can build a tree stump table. It’s an easy project which requires few supplies and little time to complete. And since you’re doing this yourself, you can customize the table however you want.

As far as interior design goes, this type of raw wood tables suits minimalist decors and Scandinavian interiors but the simplicity of the whole piece allows it to be very versatile.

In the living room, you can pair two or even three tree trunk tables, depending on their dimensions. Play with textures and materials. For example, complement the tables with a cow-hide rug or something similar.{found on beyondbeige}.

Squeeze a tree trunk side table between two comfy chairs in the corner of a room and create a cozy reading nook or semi-private seating area. The table will give this space an inviting look.{found on philpotts}.

Play with various dimensions and mix and match two or more tree stump tables. Allow them to showcase their raw beauty and place them where they’re most useful.{found on usonahome}.

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There’s no room that could include a tree trunk side table and not look good. Even in the nursery room you can have one of these things in the corner and pair it with an armchair and a floor lamp.{found on kristinmccue}.

A large trunk table can become a great coffee table for the living area. Create an eclectic décor and combine natural finishes with bold color accents and patterns.{found on locatiarchitects}.

Each tree trunk table is unique, just like all trees are one-of-a-kind. Take advantage of that allow the tables to stand out with their shapes and overall look. If you want to boost their functionality, add castors.{found on schwartzandarchitecture}.

A free form coffee table such as this one is the ideal focal point for a cabin living room. The raw edge look gives it personality and links it to the wonderful natural surroundings.{found on gelottehommas}.

The versatility of tree trunk side tables allows them to look equally great in both rustic and modern settings. Simplicity is key when dealing with a modern living room so add visual interest by using contrasts.

Create a casual ambiance in the living room with a set of small tree trunk side tables that can be used individually or combined. If they’re low enough they could also serve as footstools.

Make the table the centerpiece in a transitional space or social area in order to create a welcoming and cozy seating nook. In a cabin, this space could be on the upper floor where the pitched roof also contributes to the overall look.{found on scottgilbride}.

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Paint the trunk table if you want it to match your color palette or if you prefer a particular type of finish. You can match it to other pieces of furniture in the room to better integrate in the décor or it can stand out.{found on aaronschump}.

Since tree trunk tables have this incomparable organic and natural flair, if you take them outdoors they’ll integrate immediately. Use them out on the patio or terrace along with your usual outdoor furniture.{found on socalcontractor}.

Tree trunks and hairpin legs.

There’s something really interesting about seeing a chunky tree trunk on hairpin legs. It’s why the combo is so eye-catching. Such a table will look a bit vintage with a little bit of rustic flair but it will still be versatile enough to look great in any home.{found on 17apart}.

You can make your own rustic log table and give it any type of legs and any design you want. You can even count the rings to find out the age of the tree from which the log came from and give your table an interesting story.{found on seakettle}.

Inspired by the classic French hairpin leg tables, these ones stand out with their mid-century modern beauty and elegance. they have a distinctive timeless look which allows them to integrate well in all sorts of decors.{found on mymodernhouse}.



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