Breathing New Life Into Old Furniture – What Color Will You Paint It?

Are you getting bored with the furniture you have in your home? It’s only natural. As time passes, what was once new and exciting starts to look familiar and boring. But the solutions for that are numerous.


For example, have you thought about painting your furniture? It could help you give it a fresh new look. Try bold colors if you want a particular piece to become a focal point or something more subtle if you’d rather have it blend it.

This dresser looked cute and elegant but its age started to show. The new color suits it beautifully. It complements its delicate design and it’s a beautiful shade for the bedroom.{found on mouseandhinge}.


Giving an old piece of furniture a fresh new look is not that difficult. Take this dresser for example. it looks completely different. It had to be sanded down, primed and painted and the hardware was replaced.{found on thediyclub}.


An old piece of furniture might look like a relic at first sight but you have to see the potential in it. This piece, for example, looks amazing after it has been painted deep purple. The hardware looks amazing too.{found on becausehomeshouldbegreat}.

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This dresser is an antique too. It looks charming now that it has been restored. Sure, the smell of old wood was nice but the new look suits it better. It has been painted a nice olive shade.{found on micheleomega}.


Bold colors on furniture are a very nice idea for the kids’ room. But it can be difficult to find quality furniture designed for kids. So instead you can buy any piece of furniture you like, such as this dresser, and then give a fresh new look with a few coats of paint.{found on centsationalgirl}.


When you repaint a piece of furniture, especially if it’s an antique, you don’t have to try making it look like new again because the design won’t allow you to. So you could give it a distressed finish like in this case.{found on sweetpickinsfurniture}.


The color you choose for the restoration must fit well in the décor of the room. Of course, you can’t always be sure. So if you notice that the shade doesn’t really complement the décor or if you’re not satisfied with your choice, all you have to do is repaint the piece.{found on sadalewis}.

After seeing all these inspiring projects and examples, it’s time for you to start your own. So what piece of furniture will you going to transform and what color will it be?

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