Box system made of mango wood

We all dream about the way in which we arrange things in our houses, after choosing the models we want. No matter it is a piece of furniture, a decorative object, every object is important, just like the way of arranging it. Every little thing contributes to the general picture, every detail is important.

As we all have at home at least one audio system, both boxes and box systems are important. The modular wall cabinet in the picture is actually a multifunctional range of shelf boxes for wall mounting works. No matter their use, the boxes are made of the wood of a fruit tree, mango that was made sustainable.

There are different shades of wood you can choose from, depending on your taste. The plentiful wooden boxes seem to be perfect for all kind of things; they can be used not only for the boxes you want to place on a wall, but also for other objects that can be arranged on the modular wall cabinet or as separate pieces, not necessarily on the wall, ideal as coffee tables and even chairs. The concept of wooden pieces of furniture is very modern and attractive for most people nowadays, no matter their functions. They give an unique air to the space they are placed in, an air no other material can provide, warm and pleasant.

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