Bouquet Flower Vase by Philippi Design

If you love flowers and you like to bring them in your home either as decorative bouquets or as plan pods, then you’ll also love this item. It’s a very unusual vase created by Philippi Design. It’s actually a group of 10 individual vases waiting to be filled with beautiful flowers.

This unusual piece will definitely become an eye-catching decoration in your home. The structure is made of 10 individual chrome-plated brass stems set on a thick glass base. Each piece is 10 inches high by 8 inches long and by 8 inches long. The simplicity of the mini-cases is supposed to allow the flowers to show their true beauty without being challenged by anything else. In most cases, each tube accommodates only 1 flower. In some cases, depending on the flowers you choose, you can place several pieces in one vase. You can choose only one flower type or you can alternate the colors and types to create a more dynamic décor.

This vase is particularly unusual because it’s made of several smaller vases. This allows you to create very beautiful ornaments. However, there’s also a disadvantage. Because of the dimensions you’ll have to find a larger space for this structure. Either than that, it’s a perfect choice for any home. It’s simplicity will allow it to integrate perfectly in any décor.

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