Blue Rope Bin Collection from Cobalt

A house can accommodate many useful or decorative things. Sometimes they become too numerous and they need different storage places. A garage or a deposit room may be a solution but you may also need some baskets where you can put small things or things they you do not use every day. In case you have kids, things become more complicated. Toys of all kinds and different sizes may appear all over the place, books and other things like that which also need to have their own storage place. Kids love to spread their toys all over the room so that in the end it is nice to have a place where they can be stored and they can learn where to put them.Those who would like to add an exotic touch to their rooms and also have some practical storage places for things of different sizes, this blue Rope Bin Collection which comes from Cobalt can be the perfect option.

This collection consists of three bins of different sizes called: Rope Cubby, Rope Low Round Bin, and Rope Hamper. All of them are hand woven in India, woven of squared-off rattan with a thick jute rope wrapped around the top.

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You may use them for various things and in different rooms like: playroom, bedroom, laundry room or even bathroom. They are very practical and really nice. The use of rattan, the fact that they are hand woven and are woven in India add them an exotic touch and make them be more appreciated.Available from 38$.



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