Bloq – a pet friendly storage unit

Bloq is a very simple but very interesting and cute piece of furniture. It’s in fact a storage unit that also provides space for small pets such as cats or small dogs. You can have a place to store your things and you pet will have a cozy place to sleep. The idea is ingenious and smart, not to mention very cute.

Bloq is a very clever solution for small homes. Pet beds take a lot of space that could be used for something else, usually more useful. Also, as it usually happens, pets will ignore those in favor of your furniture. So why not make you both happy by opting for Bloq?

It’s a space-saving, multifunctional unit that solves everyone’s problem, not to mention that you pet will look really cute in there. I’m sure all your guests will love it. It will be like a nice display for your little pet as well as a functional and practical storage unit for small items. You can place this unit in the living room or, even better, in the bedroom. You can use it as a nightstand and you’ll also have your pet close-by, but not in the same bed as you.

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Blow was designed by Binq Design. It has a minimalist design and cubic shape. It’s a versatile piece of furniture that can be easily adapted and integrated in any interior. It can be used as a side table, nightstand, coffee table etc. The bottom shelf is larger and features a pet cushion. It’s big enough for a cat or a small dog. And to make your pet even happier, there are 13 cushion colors to choose from.



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