Big Family Table

I think tradition and history are very important for the present and the future, too, and we should learn from the past as many things as possible. And I also think evolution means to take what is best from the past and improve it. For example I am fascinated by the way in which the old carpenters used to link two pieces of wood together without using any nails and also any metal. They just used some very special joining techniques that were meant to last for a long time. Well, their secret is now used by manufacturers like those from Studio North Design, who used them in making and designing the Big Family Table.

This table is beautiful in its simplicity and because it is so natural. It is hand crafted of solid Douglas Fir and no metal piece is used in its joinery. The table is simple and nice and also big enough to seat 6 to 8 people around it. The designers intended the table to keep its natural appearance and colour, that is why they used no paint, but three layers of natural varnish oil. The dimensions of this table are perfect for family reunions (29″h x 41″w x 72″l) and the price is also good for a nice handcrafted piece of furniture that is unique and special – $2,800.

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