Bell Glass Coffee table for Living Room

Nowadays there aren’t many handcrafters who make products the traditional way. That’s why we should really appreciate the ones that still follow the tradition and offer us a one of a kind object. When modern and traditional artists gather their hand to create something the result is even more amazing. I think this is actually the greatest force of high quality modern art: rediscovering and revaluing the traditional art.

I don’t know if Sebastian Herkner has the same theory, but he sure followed mine, of course, without knowing it. The designer created a coffee table composed from two parts. The lower part is a glass base in shape of a bell, while the upper part, the actual support, is made from metal. That’s why this coffee table is named the ‘Bell Table’ from Classcon. Due to the usage of these materials, the table is very light so it can be easily moved, but, although glass is a fragile material, it also is very stable and secure.

The table can come in different dimensions and colors and the customer may opt for a classical metallic or black top. However, any item is unique, doesn’t matter what variant you choose, thanks to the hand-crafting process. The glass part is created by a hand-blown traditional technology, which uses a wooden mould. This technique makes the glass have some inner bubbles which enriches its beauty. The model is very innovative because of the unusual combination of materials. The glass beautifully contrasts with the metal and both of them offer delicate reflections.

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