Bedford Lateral File Cabinet

I admit that I am not the most organized guy in the world because I’m always on the run and I leave things around wherever I go. Because of that I have trouble finding my stuff when I’m in a hurry and either leave without them either spend some extra minutes looking for what I need, but then I am late and I have being late. That is why I suggest to those who are like me to organize their things very well to ease their life.

Speaking of organizing things, I saw this generous Bedford Lateral File Cabinet which will work great for most of you but especially in offices. The thing I like the most is that is based on a modular principle and you won’t have to modify your entire work space to fit this in, leaving the owner a very flexible choice. It measures 41” W x 17” D x 29.5” H and has two more than generous drawers that hold two rows of letter-size files.

Designers thought of everything and imagined that what they just build is going to be opened and closed a lot of times, therefore they have mounted heavy-duty side-mounted glides. The entire thing costs around EUR 414.78 and for that amount of money you get quality with double metal handles for each drawer and a name tag for each side of it.

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