Bed with Storage

We work so hard and so much every day that we can’t wait for the night to come so that we can go home and get some rest. We need quality rest in order to be able to start all over again in the morning and that is why we, people, are more and more concerned about the quality of our beds: we want them as big and comfortable as possible. Now there are ergonomic beds and mattresses and they are meant to keep you comfortable and fine the whole night. This Bed with Storage from Viesso is both comfortable and very useful for storing different items, as it has some special compartments underneath where you can store different items you might need handy.

It has quite an interesting design as the bed also has some space under the mattress that is almost never used. So how about giving this space some utility? This Buden platform bed is made from solid bamboo and what makes it so unique is the storing space underneath. It is organized in base drawers and also some space at the foot of the bed. However, the drawers are optional and the space at the headboard can be used for placing or displaying certain items. Even though pretty simple in design, this bed from Viesso values all the space available and sells for $2,975.00.

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