Beautiful Floating Shelves Made of Reclaimed Wood

Many people pretend to be ecological these days, but very few actually do something to protect the environment or to save the planet. If you want to make a statement in this respect, all you have to do is recycle materials and turn them into useful pieces of furniture for example. If you are not very good at this, you can then buy items that are made of recycled materials or do not pollute the environment. These Beautiful Floating Shelves Made of Reclaimed Wood are the best example for my article. They are very useful as you can use them to display different home accessories or maybe use them as bookshelves.

You can choose to have them mounted on the wall or maybe placed on the floor, as long as they stay against the wall and use it as the back of the shelves. These shelves are made of reclaimed wood (Douglas Fir) that is kept in its natural colour and looks great in any home. The industrial iron used for the mounting hardware and the brackets that divide the shelves are made of recycled materials and that is an ecological statement in itself. The shelves are made to order, so you can choose the right size for your room. The shelves in the photo can be purchased for $250 from Etsy.

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