Auto-Inspired Furniture For Car Lovers

When you have a passion and you truly like a subject then you’ll most likely be influenced by it when you make all sorts of decisions. Let’s take you like cars and everything related to them. It would be very difficult not to want some of these pieces of furniture to be part of your home’s décor. They’re not just interesting but they’re also one-of-a-kind pieces.

Bed Made from an Old Mercedes.

You know those car beds for kids that seem so cool but that you can’t have for yourself? Well, this is a grown up version of those pieces. It’s a bed made from an old Mercedes 8 Coupe. It features under hood lighting, headlights and turn signals, headlight wiper/wash system (without function), reading lamps, upholstered headboard and many great details.

Car Bar.

This is a car bar. It’s a piece that was created by CraftLine GmbH and it offers you a great solution that allows you to recycle and reuse your own cars instead of selling them for scrap pieces. The Car Bar is a bar made from an actual car. It can be created according to the client’s preferences and it’s the result of the transformation of your old car into a whole different piece. This one, for example, is made from a Mazda RX-8.

V8 coffee table.

It’s not just the exterior of a car that can impress. Some designers chose to use the engines or some other parts to create unique and intriguing pieces of furniture. This is the V8 coffee table. It has a transparent glass top designed to let you see through and to admire the base of the table from every angle. It’s definitely something that a car-lover would like to have in the living room.

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M6 Desk.

Would you like to add some dynamism to your home office? How about a desk made from a car? This is the M6 desk that replicates the exact design of the car. It’s made of high-quality materials and it can be customized with the client’s choice of color. Who wouldn’t want to work in such an office?

Auto parts.

Here’s another great example of how car parts can be reused and repurposed in order to create unique furniture for the house. It’s a nice way of using the pieces that are close to your heart as a car enthusiast and to give them a second chance at being useful. You could make a sofa, a side table, coffee table and all sorts of things using car parts.

BMW desk.

Here’s another example of a one-of-a-kind desk. This one has been modeled to look like the front part of a BMW. The top has been modified in order to serve as a flat surface for the desk and two steel pipes were added to the front for stability. The wheels support the desk. It would have been nice to also have a car seat instead of a chair.
Fiat sofa.

This lovely sofa is made from a Fiat 500. The design of the car allowed the designer of this piece to easily transform it. The modifications that have been made are meant to make the sofa comfortable and functional while maintaining the authenticity and character of the actual car.{found on site}.

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1965 Ford Mustang Pool.

When you have a Ford Mustang, you don’t want to take it apart and to use just the front portion in order to make a piece of furniture. You’ll want to keep the whole thing intact. It’s why it would be a nice idea to modify it in order to become a pool table. This is the 1965 Ford Mustang Collector’s Edition Pool Table and it has been officially licensed from Ford Motor Company. All the parts sued to make the table came from an actual Ford Mustang.{found on hiconsumption}.

Harley Davidson chair.

This is a custom chair created by First Impressions and it’s made from a Harley Davidson. It’s a piece that was designed to be used in home theatres of celebrities and it has headlights, taillights, sideview mirrors and flames. The best part is that when you kick out the footrest the speakers in the chair will make you feel like you’re actually driving the real thing.{found on gizmodo}.

Collection Inspired by Fiat 500.

Fiat 500 is a very cute car and it’s why it was chosen by designers for various transformation projects. Besides the sofa we’ve already presented you, there’s also a table and a console that’s also part of the Fiat 500 Design Collection. The table has a transparent glass top and its side wheels are made of flexible polyurethane elastomer finish in matte black. The console has a design that reproduces the front of a Fiat 500 and it’s available in 3 heights.



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