Artistic accessories for the home by Petite Friture

Petite Friture is a French design company that creates beautiful and unusual housewares. There are many interesting pieces that deserve to be admired but we have only selected a few. These are some of the most inspiring and intriguing creations and they are beautiful, chic and fun. Their creations don’t follow a specific pattern. They address different needs and are designed for different purposes.

One of the most interesting elements is the Loop Shelf. It was designed by Amandine Chhor and features a simple look. However, it impresses with the ingenuity of the design and the versatility of the shelf itself. It’s something that you might use in the living room, in the bedroom for storing books, in the dining room for displaying decorations or maybe even in the kitchen for tools and supplies.

Another interesting creation is the Francis Wall Mirror. It was designed by Constance Guisset and has an artistic look. The mirror was created using pigments that vanish with water, giving a distressed, watercolor look and it would be a very beautiful accessory for any room of the house.

And since the wall mirror was so successful and had such a big impact on the public, the company also created the Francis Pocket Mirror. It’s basically the same thing but in a smaller format. Another beautiful and useful piece for the house is a series of boxes called Cairn. The boxes can be stacked in many different ways and they will always fit. It’s because they all have magnets incorporated in their internal design. A similar collection was Ikebana, a series of vases designed by Edward Robinson.

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There are also two very beautiful lamps created by this company. One of them is the Moire lamp designed by Marc Sarrazin. It’s available in three sizes and in two colors, black and grey. It features mesh-like fabric that displays various light qualities and it’s a stylist accessory for any home. The last piece we have selected is maybe the most impressive one so far. It’s the Vertigo pendant lamp. It was designed by Constance Guisset and has a very delicate appearance.



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