Antique Montgomery Side Table

These days I entered an antiquity shop where I could admire all sort of antiquities. Here you may find old musical instruments, jewelry with all sorts of embroideries in a silver or gold finish, old books or vintage items of clothing. The moment you pass the door of this type of shop it seems you enter a different world.

You may imagine the elegant gentlemen with their chic hats or the ladies with their velvet dresses and elegant umbrellas. The old music that tackles your ears and the portraits that appear on the wall make you become a part of that epoch where all these elements were so precious and useful at that time.


The elegant design of Montgomery Side Table is also an option to travel to these old times. It is a simple tripod table with a hand applied gold leaf finish on an iron base with a distressed mirror top. It looks like an antique piece of furniture that fits any modern or classic interior.

Its precious appearance and its dizzy price of $720.00 make of it a more appreciated element for your home. You may use it to put all sorts of objects on it like a table lamp, some books or you may enjoy a nice coffee with your friend around this table.

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