Antique Louis XVI coffee table

If you’re an antique lover then this coffee table is exactly the type of thing you’d like. It’s an antique coffee table with a very distinguished look and with lots of unique details. It features a classic French and European style. The vintage table will surely add warmth and style to any home. It’s more than just an ordinary coffee table. It’s also a very beautiful and unique decoration and a very precious accessory.

The table, the same as the vintage Louis XVI chair we have presented you in another one of our articles, features an original patina that’s been aged and distressed from years of everyday use. The coffee table has been very well preserved and it’s in great condition. All the little details are very visible and they contribute to the overall unique look. The table was crafted with a very beautiful wooden base and an inset marble top with a distressed gilt finish. The base features intricate beaded details that make this piece a one-of-a-kind item.

The overall dimensions of the coffee table are 46″W x 19″D x 19″H. It can be purchased at the price of $1,430.00. It’s a very interesting piece of furniture that dates back to the 1940s. Because of it’s particularly unique design and its antique look, it’s difficult to match the table with other pieces of furniture. But if you’re creative, you can mix it with all sorts of designs and styles. Even a contemporary décor would be suited for this table in the right conditions.

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