Another Pull-Down Wall Bed from Clei

Transformable and adaptable pieces of furniture are useful and practical not only in small homes but in any type of situation. They are particularly useful in guest rooms and bedrooms. The Circe Sofa is one such piece of furniture. The sofa was designed by Giulio Manzoni for Clei.

The Circe sofa is more than just a comfortable seating unit. It also offers you the possibility of transforming it into a bed and it includes practical storage space. The sofa features a storage wall with a pull-down double bed. You can simply pull down the bed and turn the sofa into a cozy place for the night without needing extra furniture or space. This is a transformable system and a very practical solution for small bedroom, for guest room or for teenager’s rooms.

The tilting double bed opens horizontally and it features an innovative and patented slatted bed base, the CF09. When not needed as a bed, the unit provides you with a front sofa. The sofa disappears when the bed folds down. It also serves as support that makes the Circe Sofa a self-standing unit. \this particular model is 35 cm deep and it can be integrated in the Clei Living System. In order to be able to fully enjoy the benefits of the Circe sofa, you’ll have to also opt for the Clei wall unit. You can also choose the matching storage unit and shelves. It would make a great collection for a modern living area. The units can also be sued separately and included in bedrooms, playrooms, guest rooms, etc.

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