Ann Grim’s “Close and Personal” coffee table

Recently a very unusual coffee table has been added to the long list of furniture pieces from this category. This one has been designed by ANN GRIM Furniture and has a very distinctive design. In this case, the most unusual element is the design itself and, of course, the shape.

This “Close & Personal” coffee table has a very simple shape, except for the strange structure designed to replace the legs from one side. It’s a combination of simple and sophisticated, all in one piece. The asymmetry makes this piece of furniture look unique and it gives a modern flare to the overall design making it look more appealing and more interesting. On one side the table has two legs placed in the corners. Nothing special there. However, we can’t say the same thing about the other side. There, a very unusual spiral structure is meant to replace the legs. The spiral is made of several little square pieces.

It’s a modern interpretation of the classic coffee table. It’s a piece that has the right amount of interesting and exciting that makes it versatile and appropriate for several different interior designs. It would look great in a modern living room but also in a public space, office, waiting room etc. It has what it takes to be able to transform a room from quiet and simple into stylish and elegant.

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