Angelo Mangiarotti Designed Multiuse for Agape Casa

Agape Casa is offering the ideal furniture piece for modern individuals who look for items that offer ample storage and can be easily transported. Angelo Mangiarotti is the creative brain behind this effective and useful furniture piece and he has designed this item for the respected brand Agape Casa.

It is in the most simplest of terms a furnishing piece that features a structure in which seamless horizontal planes hold up the vertical elements and these are fitted with extruded aluminum cross-beams. This kind of setting allows the front doors to slide easily. There couldn’t have been a better name for this furnishing than ‘multi-use’ as it can be used as a multiple drawer rack or even as a simple table.

This is an interesting design for a furniture piece. It looks very functional but still, I have the feeling that there’s something missing. It’s a great storage space where you can hide your things. And there are those lateral spaces where you can also place some decorations, maybe even books. And on top you can even place a small tv. This is a very versatile furniture piece. It can be placed in the bedroom, and in this case you can store in there your clothes, or your other personal things. And you can also choose to place it in the living room. As you can see from the pictures, there are a lot of different color combinations for you to choose from.

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