Angel Wall Mirror For Bathroom Or Entryway

Mirrors are useful ad nice and we like having them in the house because they show us and also the things around. That is why mirrors are more than just some surfaces that reflect our face, allowing us to see and check if we look OK or a certain dress or coat looks nice on us. Mirrors can also be used for home decoration. A beautiful and large mirror can change a hallway or entryway for example almost completely. This Angel Wall Mirror For Bathroom Or Entryway illustrates my words in a suggestive way. It is large and simple in design, but it can have a strong effect if places opposite a window or a door, as it reflects light and so it creates the feeling or space, making a room look brighter and larger.

This mirror does not have a frame, but it does some some metallic mounting hardware that allows you to fix it on the wall in the spot you choose. Its design is simple and contemporary, the only distinctive feature being the curved top that is further embellished by two carved lines. The glass used for making this mirror is pretty thick (0.18″), so it is quite heavy – make sure you fix it properly. It also has a double coated silver backing with seamed edges and that makes it even more beautiful. You can use it in any room , but it looks better in the bathroom, hallway or living room. You can purchase the item for $161.84.

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