Andy Martin’s Undergraduate modular shelving units

Modular furniture is currently one of the most appreciate and successful concepts. It allows the user to adapt and create his own design by organizing and arranging his furniture in a way that best suits the home and personal tastes. Modular furniture includes everything from tables, sofas and storage units. One of them is the Undergraduate modular shelving created by London-based designer Andy Martin.

He designed a series shelving units that are composed of colored blocks. The blocks can be stacked and used to build an unlimited number or designs and forms. The units are built using the blocks, rubber pads and sheets of wood. The process is very similar to playing with Lego but this time you get a functional piece of furniture instead of a miniature structure. These simple materials allow the user to create a personalized and original storage system to sit him and his home.

The blocks come in several different colors and they can be used for diversity or to delimitate different areas to be used to store a particular type of items. The best part is that you get to choose which color you use so that the shelving can match with the rest of your décor and that you can also come up with your own design. Building these units is actually very fun. Moreover, you have the options of having flexible furniture that can be easily detached and rearrange whenever you want to change the atmosphere, the décor or when you get tired of your current design.

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