Amara Storage Tower For Wine Lovers

Wine is very well known around the world as a thing of finesse and very collectable. People drink wine with any occasion now and not many can really appreciate it at its full potential. Some just drink it because they get a kick out of I, for them it doesn’t really matter what year it is and from what kind of grapes it was made.Now, let’s forget about that category and focus on the connoisseurs or at least on the ones who understand wine and like to consume it with a good dinner or like to share a glass of wine with their friends and spend quality time.

Obviously if you like wine, you buy wine, is simple so far but where do you keep it? Buying a glass or two from the supermarket from time to time doesn’t qualify you as a wine lover. You have to be prepared with more than 3 types of wine from various producers across the world. Not to mention that special occasions need special treats, therefore some good bottles of wine should always be in your “collection”.

To look like a genuine wine lover you need this. It’s a wine tower with a nice distinctive vintage look made from a salvaged card found in an old shoe factory. It costs 562 Euros and can hold up to 24 bottles, set on locking casters and with the base that holds bar towels, foils cutters, corkscrews and so on this will look great in your living room and then you can call yourself a small wine “connoisseur”.Available for 562 euros.

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