Alternating Tread Stairs Change The Perspective With New Designs

When choosing the design or the structure of a staircase, we usually focus on shape, size, material, style and other such things and almost never on elements that have to do with the way we actually use it. Alternating tread stairs open the door to a whole new range of possibilities never before explored. Apart from the aesthetic details, these staircases involve a number of other elements. Alternating tread stairs, as opposed to the classical types which require you to remove and install carpet regularly or to execute other maintenance activities, offer a range of new possibilities materialized in various multipurpose and user-friendly designs.

Alternating tread stairs can be very graceful. This design, for example, is simple and elegant. The stairs are extending from the wall and are supported by hanging metal rods matching the handrail. The design is sculptural and presents more visual interest than a classical staircase.{found on jsa}.

Depending on the style, type of décor and the array of materials used in a space, a set of alternating tread stairs can focus on a variety of details. This one mixes in a simple geometric pattern which complements the warm wood.{found on carloscastanheira}.

Compact stairs, no matter their type, have to be multifunctional to best serve their users. The possibilities are numerous. This design, for example, includes built-in storage allowing the staircase to double as a cabinet, wardrobe, bookcase, etc.{found on scdlp}.

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Space-saving stairs in general are defined by their ability to double as something else or to combine two or more functions in a single, versatile design. Alternating stairs can be turned into a practical storage unit with open storage compartments on both sides.{found on Colectivo PEC}.

The staircase and bookshelves combo is quite common and it takes on a new form in the case of alternating stairs. The bookshelves become cubbies and all sorts of interesting displays and patterns can be created starting from this idea.{found on General Assembly}.

This is a different version of the previously described combination. The arching stairs run along a central supporting beam and extend onto the wall forming a set of open shelves which, in this case, serve as a bookcase.{found on nc2architecture}.

Of course, the shelves and cubbies featured by these smart stairs can be used in numerous different ways. For example, they can become a home bar. Each compartment can hold bottles, glasses and everything necessary and there can even be an extension which could serve as a counter.

Another option can be to build the stairs over a desk or to design with a desk extension, the rest of the shelves and compartments serving as storage for office-related items and supplies or as bookshelves.

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Of course, sometimes it’s just nice to enjoy the design and to forget about anything else. A staircase flanked by solid walls can simply look interesting without necessarily including hidden storage or doubling as something else.



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