African safari sculpture animals

If you like animals and would like to have a symbol representing them in your home but wouldn’t want the real thing, the papier- mâché versions are the way to go. They offer a creative alternative to animal trophies and they can also be considered a work of art.This papier- mâché elephant is a handmade piece created in collaboration with Aid to Artisans.

Artists from Port-au-Prince worked to develop a collection of African safari animals from nothing but papier- mâché. The sculptures are made entirely from recycled materials so they also have an eco side. They are creative decorations that you can use for the walls. All the animals are made from white papier- mâché. They vary in size. The elephant for example measures 24″w x 7.5″d x 22″h. It can be purchased at the price of 78.64 euros.

The collection includes other African safari animals such as the rhino, hippo, the giraffe, impala, stag, gemsbocks and items such as tortoise shells or antlers. The materials sued are the same but the dimensions and the price are variable. Choose the one you like best or purchase several animals to create an unusual and unique collection for your home. Any of these pieces would make beautiful decorations for the walls in the living room, dining room or even for the bedroom. Take a look at them all and you’ll see why they are so appreciated.

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