Adorable & Stylish At-Home Coffee Stations

A cup of coffee in the morning before work or one on a Sunday evening hanging out with your gal pals, if you’re a lover of coffee then the set-up needs to be convenient, functional and, of course, stylish too. That’s why we took it upon ourselves to gather up some frothy and fun inspiration. Here are some adorable and stylish at-home coffee stations to help you re-organize and re-decoration your sip-worthy nook!

1. Simple.

Simple and sweet, this coffee station has a tradition, homey vibe. All the necessities are there at a hand’s reach and the bit of rustic style atop helps to blend it within the rest of the kitchen.

2. Modern.

This little nook is super modern with clean lines and clean colors. An espresso machine with cups to match, it helps to create that fashion-forward, bachelor style.

3. Relaxed.

I am loving this coffee cart by the window. It’s relaxed, it’s got a personal and welcoming feel but everything is still very organized and ready to use.

4. Geometric.

Another functional nook with lots of personality. A geometric, black and white tablescape is blatant but it’s also a very user-friendly space.

5. Shabby.

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Or, shabby chic we should say. This nook took this feminine, country trend into a charming little spot to make your morning coffee. The colors, the furniture, it’s all very put-together in an easy fashion.

6. Youthful.

There’s something about this space that seems very dormitory or youthful. It’s stylish and very contemporary, but still looks like a college student easily threw it together for late-night study sessions.

7. Easy.

Sometimes space is limited and you have to work with what you’ve got. The print helps the area come full circle and the two-tiered organizing system is perfect for storing mugs and necessities.

8. Trendy.

This trendy spot may be my personal favorite of the bunch. We love the cool teal color that pops throughout and how everything has its place. Clutter is kept easily at bay and the buffet piece is beautiful!

9. Homey.

A feminine touch, a rustic accent and organization too, this little spot has everything it needs to feel right at home. Pour the coffee, add the cream and enjoy your drink and adorable mug too.

10. Organic.

This French-inspired space has a very natural, organic feel that have all the hipster stylists drooling. We love being able to see right through the containers to the fresh coffee beans and the chalkboard labels too.

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