Add Dimensions And Perspective To Your Bedroom With Mirrored Bedside Tables

Have you ever thought of having mirrored bedside tables in your bedroom? It’s true, they’re not very common, but they can be surprisingly wonderful options. The nightstands, also called night tables or bedside tables, serve the role that coffee tables usually have in the living room.

Eclectic bedroom with an ornate design and lots of mirrored surfaces

by Two Art Directors from Etsy.

They are designed to be placed beside the bed but can also stand elsewhere in the bedroom as well if the design or layout require it. Depending on their design and material, they can differently impact the interior décor of the room. Mirrored nightstand, for example, can add depth to the room and make it seem more spacious and bright.

It’s a piece of furniture that has remained very useful till today

Mirrored bedside tables can be a way of brighten up the room

by Peg Berens Interior Design LLC

Not the entire surface of the nightstand has to be covered in mirrors

by D2 Interieurs

The design of the nightstand hasn’t change much since they were first created. Early nightstands were small cabinets that sometimes has a drawer and an enclosed storage space below with one or more doors. This would also be the best description we could give to traditional bedside tables we still use today

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This type of bedside table can feature various different styles

by Muse Interiors

Modern designs, however, can be a little different. For example, mirrored bedside tables are a very interesting type. They can be designed in a variety of styles and their main characteristic is the mirrored surface.

Usually when the entire piece is covered in mirrors, the design is very simple

by Tony Calarco

You can alternate designs and maintain cohesiveness with the materials

by Q. Design

Mirrored furniture doesn’t actually change the décor of a room

by DYS Home staging

More intricate designs can be used in minimalist bedroom decors

by btdtdesign

It’s important to carefully choose the colors and combinations you want to reflectThis bedroom also has a large mirror leaning on the wall

by Tara Dudley Interiors

Most often, it’s just the drawers that have mirrored fronts but other designs features mirrors that cover the entire piece. Visually, such a nightstand is interesting because it reflects the décor around it and thus it can make the room seem larger and more transparent than it actually is. It’s why including such nightstands in small bedroom could be a nice idea.



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