Acanthus Leaf Mirror

A house with bare walls is like an empty house , a deserted house with no people living in it. That is why many people use different things for decorating the walls. So when you can find a thing that is both useful and decorative, it is a lot better for everyone. This Acanthus Leaf Mirror is beautiful and decorative, but you can use it for its original purpose, too, and check out your reflection in it. The name of the mirror comes from the Acanthus leaf-shaped decorations that are glued to the frame of the mirror, making it so beautiful in design.

The frame of the mirror is made of hand cast resin and is also hand painted in a blue hue that makes it look great against a white wall and leaves the brownish accents underneath reveal themselves when the light falls on them. You can match this mirror with some light blue or even turquoise accessories in the living room or on the wall next to it and you will have an incredible  home design. The item is available to purchase from Wisteria and you will find it really easy to place the order online and wait for the product to be shipped directly to your doorstep.

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