A practical and functional folding furniture set

Always taking furniture outdoors and then bringing it back inside can be tiresome. But sometimes you can’t leave it outside because it would get damaged. For unprotected and uncovered outdoor areas it’s best to opt for something easy to move around, something like a folding furniture set. We have the perfect one for you.

This set is composed of a table and four stools. The set costs 390 euro and it’s made of water-proof birch plywood and solid beech wood. The pieces also feature nickel-plated locks, stainless steel hinges and carrier corners. The set is foldable and portable. It allows you to sit and have dinner or breakfast in any spot you want. It includes a table with a very simple design. The surface is made of plywood and has four fold-out legs with short diagonal support struts. The table weights 7 kg and its dimensions are: height 66.5 cm x length 99.5 cm x width 74 cm. The seats are made of 79% cotton and 21% canvas.

The space underneath the table can be sued to store the four folding stools. The dimensions of the stools are height 48 cm x length 35 cm x width 33 cm and they each weight 1 kg. The set also comes with a carrier case. It holds the table and the stools and it was designer to be easy to carry. It has leather handles and a simple and chic design. The set is a limited edition.

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