A luxury soap dispenser from Riccardo Barthel

When decorating the bathroom every little thing is important. The bathroom is usually a pretty small space so there’s not much to include in there. This also means that the items you do choose to display must be especially carefully chosen because they’re going to get all the attention. Even though some things might seem insignificant, they can really make a difference if chosen right.

A very good example in this sense is the soap dispenser. Almost everyone has one in their bathroom and it’s a small thing we don;t really pay attention to. But let’s take a look at the AC6400 soap dispenser. Here there’s a completely different story. AC6400 is a very special soap dispenser. It was designed by Riccardo Barthel and it’s part of the Classica Collection. It’s a very stylish design. It’s actually not that different from any other soap dispenser but it’s very visible that it’s a high-quality item. Also, it has an elegant look.

The golden tones add a certain royal look. Of course, this stylish soap dispenser would look even better if complemented by some other items from the same collection. The Classica collection includes stylish bathroom accessories such as towel rails, soap dishes and even paper roll holders. They all share the same beautiful gold color and have similar elegant lines and delicate shapes.

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