A Happy Furniture Collection For Your Home

The circle is the symbol of perfection, but, when put in different designs, it’s also a playful figure which brings joy to your house. This is what the designers from ex.t thought about when they created their latest collection, the Happy Home Furnishing.The collection gathers items that can be arranged in different spots of your home. Thanks to thir simple and joyful design, you can put them anywhere, starting with your living room, bedroom, bathroom and finishing with your kitchen and hallway.

The item named Round is a ceramic basin with a minimalistic design, designed by MIST-O. He also designed the BOLD 1 product, a multi-use cabinet, and the BOLD 2, a small sized storage unit. In my opinion, the most creative furnishing item is the Face. The face was designed by Kazuro Okamono and is a mirror in around shape from which you can hang your wardrobe. This way, by seeing your face in the mirror above your clothes, you can imagine how they would look on you.

This collection is a very modern and playfull one, a set of furniture that any joyful person should consider having. The materials from which is crafted make it a high class product with a quality guarantee. The cabinets are made from wood and classical wooden colored, but the BOLD 2 plays with dark gray and flashy green. It also has an oversized handle which besides the aesthetic effect has a functional purpose, working as a shelf.

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