A Few Projects You Should Try If You’re Into Pipe Furniture

Pipe furniture is pretty high on our list of useful things that you can craft for your home. The projects are usually simple and there’s a ton of things you can crafts using metal pipes not to mention that you can combine these with other materials to create something more complex and harmonious. Keep in mind, however, that pipe furniture has a distinctive industrial flair. which doesn’t suit all types of spaces.

Towel Rack.

If you don’t have one already, add a towel rack to your bathroom or why not to the kitchen if you think it would suit the room. It’s a really simple project. Use metal pipes and fittings to put together the rod and then add a wooden shelf as well so you can put some little planters on it or to keep extra towels. Such a feature could look pretty cool in a contemporary bathroom or in a powder room. Perhaps your guest bathroom could use one.

There are a lot of different ways in which you can use pipes. For example, use them as legs for a table or for a TV stand. In fact, you could build your own custom TV stand and you could give it a rustic-industrial look by using metal pipes and reclaimed wood in its construction. Feel free to add your own twist to the design and to customize the dimensions, forms or color.

Bar Cart.

Not everything is taken into consideration when furnishing a home. Some things are added later on and the decor starts to feel more and more comfortable and more like home. One of these things could be a rolling cart. You can build something like this out of some wooden boards and metal pipes. Don’t forget the wheels or casters if you want the cart to be mobile. Now that you have an idea of how to build this thing, what will you use it for? It could be a mobile bar or you could use as a coffee cart.

Pipes Lighting Fixture.

Pipes can also be used to craft interesting light fixtures. This is something that can come in handy when you want something custom for your bathroom or for a hallway. The project is of intermediate difficulty so if you’re the handy type you shouldn’t have any problems with it. Start by putting together the wooden support. Stain it and spray paint the screws and pipes that you’ll be using. Attach the flanges, wire the sockets and then the light fixtures.

Console Table.

A table is one of the easiest things to build. Let’s say you want to craft a console table. You could use some galvanized pipes for the legs and a piece of wood for the top. It shouldn’t be difficult to put these things together. stain the wood and then take your time putting together the legs. Make sure they all have the same dimensions. Screw them onto the top.

Countertop coffee station.

For the kitchen, consider crafting a coffee station out of industrial pipes and reclaimed wood. It’s basically just a mini console table that you can place on your kitchen counter. Use it to organize your coffee mugs and other related things like the coffee maker, a jar of sugar, filters, towels, etc. This can be your mini coffee station already ready for you in the morning. Check out the tutorial showing how to craft this thing on Funkyjunkinteriors.

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You may not have included this in your initial design for the space but a few extra wall shelves would sound like a pretty good addition to the space just about now. If that’s the case then just go ahead and craft some. There’s a great tutorial for this on Gloriouslymade. To build something similar, you’ll need four elbows, ix flanges, two Ts, metal pipes and wooden boards.

Curtain Rods.

Shelves and tables aren’t the only things that you can build using pipes. In fact, the pipes would make some great curtain rods and if you like the industrial look they add to the decor then waste no time and get to work. Measure and cut a metal pipe and get the fittings needed to attach it to the wall. Screw it in place and enjoy your new curtain rod. {found on hellolidy}

Mobile rack for clothes.

Have you ever considered getting a mobile rack for your clothes? It doesn’t seem like a must-have but once you realize how practical it can be you just have to have it. Don’t waste time and money on a store-bought one. The chances to find one that you like are pretty small anyway. You’re better off building one yourself. Just use some pipes and fittings. Give it a bottom shelf for shoes and accessories if you want. {found on ehow}.

Wall furniture.

Speaking of clothing racks, there’s also this inspiring DIY design featured on Onebroadsjourney. This is actually a little more complex than just a simple pipe rod for hanging clothes. It’s a shelving unit that you can also use in lots of other ways and settings. Adapt the dimensions and the structure of the unit to your own space and needs.

Towel bar.

On the other hand, if you’re just looking for something that’s easy to do, perhaps you should try a simple towel rack. There’s a tutorial for a pipe towel bar on Thissortaoldlife. It comes the industrial roughness of the metal pipes with the warmth of the wood and the result is a really accessory for guest baths or for your master bathroom or powder room.

Pipe Shelves.

If you’re actually more in a need for shelves than towel bars, check out the project featured on Houseofhawthornes. These industrial pipe shelves look nice and are really practical. To build the shelves you’ll need flanges, caps, nipples, screws, wood boards and black spray paint. Of course, if you’d rather opt for a brighter and more vibrant color, that could work too.


This staircase features a handrail made out of industrial metal pipes. It looks really cool and it’s something that you could adapt to your home and staircase design. The look would suit well a staircase that’s located outdoors although there are plenty of situations when an indoor one would look just as charming with an industrial design.

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Shoe storage.

Projects like this iron pipe shoe rack make me wish I had a staircase. Actually, when you think about it, the design can be adapted to fit closets, hallway walls, corners and a lot of other settings. You should check out the detailed tutorial provided on Instructables to see how it was all developed. This way you’ll know exactly what you need to change to make it work for your home.

Wine rack.

A wine rack could be another accessory that you might want to add to your home, in case you don’t already have one. Like all the other projects covered so far, this one has a design centered around pipes. You could probably mount this rack onto a wall to save some counter space.


If you’re ever in need of a desk or a table but you haven’t figured out how you want it to look like yet, just consider this: a pipe table is really easy to put together and you can use it as a temporary piece of furniture until you make up your mind regarding all the little details. Actually, you could end up enjoying its rugged beauty so much that you’ll never want to exchange it for something else. {found on housebyhoff}.

X type base.

In case you’re starting to fall in love with the idea of a table built using industrial pipes, we have a few more designs that you might enjoy. One of them is featured on Cafecartolina and it has an X-type frame. You could something like this in your craft room or in the garage although the design could be refined and adapted to suit other spaces as well.

Entryway table.

Does your hallway have a console table yet? Maybe you can build one. Use pipes for the frame and a wooden board for the top. If you want to get creative, consider a live edge piece of wood for the top. That would surely make the table stand out in a really elegant way. In any case, the tutorial featured on Handmaidtales can offer you a few hints regarding the construction process.

Accent tables.

Another accent piece you could build for your home can be a side table. It’s something that you can add to the living room or to your cozy reading nook. An industrial design would suit it well and would also be really easy to materialize. There’s a tutorial for such a table on Thegoldensycamore. It has all the details you need to create something just as beautiful and functional.

Fire wood storage.

Having a fireplace and no place to store the firewood is a pretty common problem. It can be solved with an easy DIY project. Built your own firewood holder out of pipes and wood. You can even give it casters or wheels so you can easily roll it in front of the fireplace when you need it. Keep it in a corner the rest of the time. {found on thecavenderdiary}.



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