A Drape like no Other

A home without curtains and drapes does not have that “something” which gives personality. Just as women are the soul of the family, curtains are the key element which makes a house more beautiful, providing that unique atmosphere which makes you feel good and which seems to summarize the taste of the owner.

clara drape

Nothing compares to the impression a beautiful curtain or an interesting drape makes on people when they enter a house. It is as if this elements say the story of the house and details about the personality of the one who chose it and, at the same time, it reveals the world beyond the window. Clara Drape seems follow the same pattern of good taste, high quality material and attractive colour. This cotton / linen drape makes us think about home and everything it stands for, as it is impossible to look at it and not to imagine how it would look at your own window.

clara drape

clara drape

The mixture of red, green and gold and the pattern in itself is so beautiful that it seems unreal. You already imagine a world of fairy-tales where everything is perfect and there is nothing to affact this expression of perfection. Lined with cotton to provide filtered light, the printed drape is everything a woman could desire for her home, no matter it is a house or a flat. And if we take into consideration the price between Eur 59.82 and 82.54, I think we already have a deal!

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