A Closer Look At Shelf Brackets And Their Diverse Designs

We’re usually so focused on the shelf that we forget about the other elements that interact with its design directly. For example, the shelf bracket is an important element and it has a big impact on the shelf itself. It can even dictate the style. In a way, the bracket is like an accent detail or an accessory for the wall shelf.

In order to add an industrial look to a shelf, metal pipes can be used as brackets. They can suit and complement shelves used in contemporary or rustic environments, in areas such as the laundry room or the kitchen.

Other types of brackets like these black iron ones, for example, can have a similar visual effect but more diluted. The industrial aspect is less striking and this allows the bracket to be more versatile.Available for $10.

Not all shelf brackets have the same structure or shape and these details can greatly influence the overall design of the shelf. Triangular brackets can offer added support to the shelf in addition to a distinct rustic look.

Various types of brackets support the shelf in different ways. Like these turnbuckle brackets designed for floating shelves. They’re quite versatile and can look nice in a variety of settings.Available for $70.

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The WallStirrup™ Shelf Brackets are designed to support a shelf up to 6 feet wide with the condition to be thin enough to fit through. The brackets are laser cut and suit most modern and contemporary decors.Available for $70.

These Sling shelf brackets are made of powder-coated steel and designed for a 19mm to 325 mm deep shelf. In addition to supporting the shelf they also embellish its design and overall appearance.Available for $48.

Some shelf brackets have little impact on the shelf’s overall look and design but have a character of their own. Take these industrial-style brackets made from solid knotty alder and special rusted washers and bolts.Available for $100.

Some brackets have designs that blend looks and function in an aesthetically pleasing way. This way they can make a simple shelf stand out. The contrast of color and material also plays an important role in some cases.{found on westelm}.

Although made of stainless steel, these brackets look like tree branches. This gives them a particularly interesting look. The contrast between the material and the image the design suggests puts these accessories over the top.{found on westelm}.

Certain designs are specific to certain styles and can completely change the look of a shelf. For example, a shelf can gain an instant mid-century flair with these brackets, even though there’s nothing else to suggest that.Available from $99.

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Sometimes it’s not about the shape, material or design of the brackets but about the finish or the color. So you can paint your shelf brackets golden to give the kitchen shelves a more glamorous look.{found on corynnepless}.

There’s also an option which allow you to design your shelf brackets however you want and to make them yourself. You need concrete mix, multipurpose paper, duct tape, cardboard, paint and glue. Download and print a template, glue it onto cardboard, cut out the template and paint the inside surface. Insert the hardware, fold it and tape it and then fill this mold with concrete.{found on site}.



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