6 Interactive Furniture Designs With Unique Features

How would you like your furniture to communicate with you and to send you messages? It actually sounds very futuristic and it makes you think of furniture that talks and moves. We haven’t got the technology to make that for our homes yet but we’re getting close. For now, your furniture can only communicate with you through shows of light, colors and through their intelligent and fun designs. Here are 6 interactive furniture designs to keep in mind the next time you go shopping.

Thermochromic Table.

Heat stains on furniture are not something you should want to see in normal circumstances. However, this collection is nowhere near normal. This is the “Linger a little longer” table designed by Jay Watson.

It has a thermochromic finish that goes clear when heated allowing the wood underneath to become exposed and to create marks. After a while, as the surface cools down, the marks disappear and the finish becomes opaque once more. As a result, any warm object that comes in contact with the table will leave a temporary mark. This includes your hands, coffee cup and everything else.

Musical furniture.

For someone with a musical ear it would be nice to have something that encourages you to be creative in your home. We’re not talking about musical instruments because those are for professionals and those who are serious about these things.

We’re talking about something simpler, more casual, something like musical furniture. This is a collection of unique furniture pieces that includes drum table, musical hope chests, garden benches and a lovely chair for kids and they all allow you to come up with your own tunes by tapping on their surfaces. Make your own orchestra and get creative.{found on site}.

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Human body touch.

Earlier we mentioned something about furniture that responds to human contact through light. Now it’s time to give you an example. This is the Sparkle Bench. As its name suggests, it uses light and color to communicate with its user.

The design of the bench is minimalist and this allows it to emphasize the unusual features even more. It’s a bench with an elegant, modern and versatile look, with simple lines and an innovative design. It has 64 LEDs and 64 sensors that change color when you touch the bench. This way you almost feel like you’re communicating with this unusual piece of furniture.


Everyone knows about the iPhone and iMac as well as all the other gadgets by the famous company. But I bet you’ve never heard of something called the iBar. It’s this amazing bar with an interactive counter. It has integrated video projectors and the largest multi-touch touchscreen you’ve ever seen.

The projectors can basically project any content on the bar surface while the tracking system detects all the objects that are touching the counter and this way allows the projected content to interact dynamically with the movement. Something like this would definitely be a unique feature in a bar.

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Mood chair.

You know those rings that were supposed to change color according to your mood? They were fun as a kid but not nearly as intelligent as others made them seem. But technology has progressed and today we actually have furniture that changes color according to your mood. This is the MOOD Chair.

It was designed by Aether and Hemera and it’s a chair that reacts to behavior. The chair changes color according to the colors that its sensors perceive from the environment and from its users. It transforms them into lighting effects. It does that with its translucent units and embedded LEDs, seonsors and software.

Lighting bench.

Furniture that changes color or reacts to touch is very interesting, especially for the kids. It’s why these interactive benches were created by NunoErin specifically for the new Mississippi Children’s Museum.

The benches are made of translucent resin, sensors and LEDs and they are part of the interactive installation that teaches children about electrical storms. The hidden network of sensors detects electrical charges within the human body and responds with displays of flickering light. It’s a very interesting and unique approach to furniture design and a piece that lets your imagination reach new areas.



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