5 Simple But Eye-Catching Dining Table Designs

The dining area, whether it’s a separate room or part of an open floor plan is a space that will always have character. In a lot of cases, it’s the table that gives this area its distinctive aesthetic. So choosing a stylish and eye-catching design for the dining table can definitely help the overall décor become attractive and intriguing.

Designed by Carlo Colombo in 2004, the Dolmen Due table impresses with its simple and solid design. It has solid legs resembling columns and combines a set of pure geometric elements in a very harmonious and elegant manner. It’s a table that can definitely make a statement and its sharp lines and angles can be softened by complementing the piece with the right dining chairs.

A lot of time the most interesting portion of the dining table is the base. The Octa table ilustrates this idea with a design that’s simple and complex at the same time. It was designed by Bartoli Design and has eight legs built of metal rods which have been bent and welded to form a base that has a lightweight appearance but still manages to give the table a solid and stable look.

YPS is a dining table designed by Jacob Strobel. It has Y-shaped legs which support it each end and which also give it a sculptural and casual look. The table combines modern and traditional details and highlights them all beautifully.

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If you prefer round dining tables, have a look at the Radar table designed by Giuseppe Bavuso. The base is made of cast iron which can be either black or white and laser-cut steel bars which can either be chrome-plated or painted white to match the lower portion. The top is marble.

Oval dining table can also be really charming. This one is part of the English Mood collection and has a really charming design inspired by Parisian design. The table is solid wood and has a sturdy design with subtle sculptural details and ornamental features.



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