5 Secret Storage Furniture For Clever Interior Decors

Storage is a problem for most people but the truth is that it doesn’t have to be if you’re clever and plan your interior décor in a smart way. You don’t need a large home in order to have lots of storage space at your disposal. You can have that is small spaces as well and the key is furniture. Here are five very interesting pieces of furniture that have tons of built-in storage space.

Bedroom in a box.

We’re going to start with this piece of Boxetti furniture. It’s a modular unit that incorporates a bed along with additional storage spaces such as shelves, drawers and all sorts of hidden compartments. The unit can be operated manually but also by remote control. It includes shelves, drawers, clothing rails as well as a bed, each with its own secret space.

Secret Spaces in a Simple Wood Dining Table.

Here’s another interesting piece of furniture that also hides storage compartments in its design. It looks like nothing more but a simple wooden table. In reality, however, it’s a desk hidden in plain sight. The top features several hidden slots that can be pushed and pulled to one side and that reveal small drawers and compartments.Designed by Razy2.

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Turn Into A Dining Room Desk & Table.

This piece is quite similar to the one presented above. The difference is that this can either be a dining table or a desk. This combination is clever and practical. The table has storage spaces for pens, files and a flip-up laptop area, all hidden cleverly. The table/desk comes with a minimalist and modern design and can either be black or white.Designed by Emili Manrique.

Column Secret Ceiling-Hung Storage.

The next piece is particularly interesting because it’s not a table or anything similar. It is, in fact, a column. Columns are crucial as they support our homes and contribute to their overall structure. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t modify them and turn them into something even more useful. This column has an upper wooden portion which is, in fact, an elaborate storage system. It has a series of doors that reveal drawers and storage compartments. The lower part is a marble piece and it can be used as a stool.Designed by Sophie Mensen.

Kai Table.

The same idea can be applied for furniture pieces like coffee tables which are must-have pieces in any home. A great example would be this wooden table. It has a rectangular shape and it has lots of hidden storage compartments. You can swing, slide, pivot and bend open these slides and the gloss-finished plywood will contrast with the dark recesses and will create variations in color.The Kai table was custom-designed by Naoki Hirakoso.

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