5 Low Bed Designs For Modern And Contemporary Homes

A low bed is something you might want to opt for various reasons. It can simply be a choice based on style if you prefer something a little more casual that makes it seem like you didn’t even try but that was actually intentional, if it’s something that goes well with your bedroom’s décor or if you just like the design. It can also be a choice based on functionality but, in the case of modern and contemporary homes, I think we can agree this detail is secondary to style.

This bedroom, for example, features a low platform bed and an overall casual and simple interior décor. The window shades that open from the top are an element that also contributes to the overall simple yet very chic décor.

This bedroom has an even lower bed. The bed frame appears to be sitting on floor level without being elevated on a platform and without feet. This gives the room an overall Japanese-inspired look.

Here’s another example of a low bed design. This one also has an interesting headboard. The bed here is facing the floor-to-ceiling windows, a very interesting approach in the case of this casual and modern loft apartment.

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Low platform beds usually have a Japanese-inspired look that has to do with this design in general. It’s why it would be an interesting idea to opt for the same style for the whole room in order to create a cohesive décor.

Low beds are particularly great in the children’s room. In this case it would be a practical and functional choice. Add a fluffy and soft rug or carpet and you’ll get a cozy and safe bedroom, perfect for the kids.

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