4D Table inspired by Albert Einstein’s Theory

People don’t share similar taste and they don’t like the same products. This is rather a good thing that a bad one. Looking at the bright side, this issue enables people to create such a large variety of products that eventually will suit some one’s need for design and functionality. A perfect example of such a thing is this table. To better understand it, you will have to know that this was inspired by Albert Einstein’s theory of time and space. This apparently common item has deep philosophical implications. This table’s steel mesh glass top represents the space-time and the supports represent four vectors.Was designed by Axel Yberg.

To be honest, it looks a little bit messy and I don’t necessarily see the utility in the intricate design. The complexity of the supporting element of the table tends more towards the creativity side and less on functionality. If we look this item from another perspective and see it more as an art work than a traditional table designed only with functionality in mind, this architectural piece might actually have a chance. In art there is no right and wrong, beautiful or ugly.

Art is a way of expressing yourself and this natural feeling can’t be right or wrong; it can only be representative for somebody. Keeping this concept in our minds this table can be a wonderful decorative item and a central piece in the right interior.  This is meant to provoke and to raise question for those who are open minded and take this as a challenge or like a wild creature, desperately wanting to tame it.

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