3Blocks – Multifunctional Wooden Cubes

Playing is very important for kids because it develops their intellectual and physical skills and also develops their imagination. When we grow up we do not play any more and this is a shame because we might need the fresh perspective of a child’s mind every now and then. These wooden blocks that come together as 3Blocks are perfect for any creative mind or for those who like a challenge and want to make a change every day in their home design. They are actually three pieces of furniture that are pretty similar , but rather different at the same time, three blocks of wood that can be used as stools, side tables, storing units and so on, depending on your imagination.

They are offered by those from Kalon Studios for a fair price of $750 and I admit they caught my attention on the spot. The designer played with geometrical shapes and combined in a very interesting way the cube, the circle and the lines. Then they added some nice engravings with ferns that continue from one side of the cube to the other in a natural way, bringing a piece of nature in a geometrical world. The cubes can be made of different kinds of wood like bamboo, black locust, black walnut and maple and create a playful atmosphere in any corner of your house.

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