36 Creative Ways To Use The RÅSKOG Ikea Kitchen Cart

More than once we commended various Ikea products for their accessibility and versatility. Today we’ll tighten the circle to only one thing: the RÅSKOG, a simple Ikea kitchen cart with great potential to be used in all sorts of interesting ways in pretty much every room of the house. We’ve grouped the ideal in categories, each showcasing a different way to use this versatile accessory.

Tiered gardens on wheels.

The dimensions of the cart and the distance between the three shelves makes this piece the perfect starting point for a beautiful tiered garden. Mix and match your favorite plants, placing the tallest ones on the top tier.{found on thislittlestreet}.

Sure, you can make any kind of garden you want. For example, each shelf on the cart can be a mini succulent garden and they can each feature different colors, textures, etc. You can either use the shelf as a single large container or simply use individual pots.{found on succulentsandsunshine}.

Even a small balcony can benefit from some green freshness. The cart is small enough to fit in such spaces and it can be filled with pots and plants. Or you can only use the top shelf for that and the two lower shelves for storage.

Rolling bar/ serving station

When you’re entertaining or hosting small parties, a rolling bar cart or a mobile serving station is just what you need to make things a lot easier and more manageable. With three shelves, this cart is a prime candidate for the title.{found on sweeterthancupcakes}.

Although small, the cart lets you organize everything in a simple and practical way. The bottles go on the bottom shelf, the glasses on the top and everything else in the middle.{found on chezlarsson}.

The rolling cart makes it easy for the host to prep everything in the kitchen and then simply move the whole station into the living room or on the terrace. Plus you can move the party anywhere you want with a mobile bar.{found on jeanneoliverdesigns}.

The biggest advantage with this particular use is that the cart has castors and you can basically place it anywhere you want. So take it in your reading corner, on the balcony, in the dining or anywhere you want.

Spice cart/ extra kitchen storage

It’s nice to have all your spices and kitchen tools gathered in one place and always close at hand. Instead of occupying valuable counter space or hiding them in a cabinet, what about a rolling cart?

The most difficult part is finding a good spot for the cart in your kitchen. It’s usually practical to keep it near the stove or close to the prep area in case you need things that are stored on the cart. But the castors make it easy to change location whenever needed.

Bathroom storage cart

A rolling cart can also be super useful in the bathroom. Imagine having all the necessities placed there and being able to change their location whenever you want. Perhaps this would also work for the guest bathroom.

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You can use the rolling cart as a towel station. Always handy when you need one and easily accessible all the time. The top shelf can be used for toiletries although you can improvise however you want.{found on livethemma}.

Place the cart somewhere convenient. For example, if the bathroom is small, find a spot which lets you reach the cart when you’re in the tub, on the toilet and when you’re using the sink.

Your rolling towel cart can also become a focal point for the bathroom. For example, this lovely turquoise hue complements the black and white décor and stands out even if it has a very simple design.{found on designsponge}.

Office/ craft station cart

We all have lots of knick knacks on our desk or at our workstation. Which is why one of these versatile carts would be perfect for keeping all these things organized and all in one place. Store them under the desk, in a corner or wherever you want.{found on citrustwistkits}.

Depending on how many of these little things you have, you can have two or three rolling carts. You can even use one for files or to organize your magazines and other things.

Also, by using a cart to store all the things on the desk, there’s no need to have a desk with built-in storage so you can opt for a simple wall-mounted shelf or a repurposed table.

Similarly, use one of these rolling carts to organize your craft supplies if you’re interested in the subject. You can pretty much adapt the cart to any situation.

And if you have lots of different small things and no room for all of them on the cart’s shelves, you can add containers on the side and personalize your craft station however you want.{found on canalblog}.

Divide the shelves into compartments to better organize your craft supplies. You can use boxes or other type of containers. You can also add containers and hand them on the sides.{found on memorynmore}.

But when you have too many craft supplies, one cart just isn’t enough. To find another way to organize everything using multiple carts. One can hold your wrapping paper and another all the glue and tools.

You can expand the cart’s storage capabilities by adding side containers of different shapes and sizes. This is also a nice opportunity to add a bit of color to your storage station.{found on studiojee}.

Sure, there are tons of other ways in which this versatile cart can be useful in a craft room. Depending on the theme, the type of things that need to be stored and your personal needs, you can come up with your own way to customize the cart.

Storage cart for the kids

The cart is small enough to be comfortably used by kids so consider turning it into a storage station for their small toys. This is also a good opportunity to teach the kids to be organized.{found on hystericallyeverafter}.

Another option is to use it for their clothes and shoes. By doing this, you encourage the kids to dress themselves or at least to try and to learn how to pick their outfits themselves. It’s a lot easier and more accessible than a large dresser or closet.

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Another idea is to use the cart as a storage station for the kids’ art supplies. Keep things like crayons, coloring books and other supplies nicely organized on the shelves and the kids can take the cart with them when they’re drawing on the kitchen table for example.{found on puessipuesno}.

Also, use the cart in a nursery near the changing station. You can keep things like diapers, lotions and napkins in the cart and simply roll it to where you need it.{found on kingandford}.

Side table alternative

Just like there are always things on your desk, there are things on the living room coffee table as well. Keep the living room tidy and organized with a rolling cart repurposed as a side table.

Use the three shelves to store and organize things like the remote controls, magazines, books and all sorts of other objects which are usually scattered around the room.{found on sameliasmum}.

Nightstand alternative

When you think about it, the RÅSKOG cart would make a wonderful nightstand. It has the right height and plenty of storage fo your phone, book, glasses and whatever else you usually keep there. There’s even enough space for a lamp and a vase.

This applies for any kind of bedroom. For example, in the guest bedroom you can keep all the necessities in the cart while in the kids’ room you can let them fill it with their favorite bedtime story books and toys.

Cleaning product station

When you’re thoroughly cleaning the house, you want to be able to easily bring all your supplies with you when you move from room to room. It’s when such a cart comes in very handy.{found on tatertotsandjello}.

You can attach hooks to the sides on the shelves to keep your brushes nice and organized. And there’s plenty of room for everything.

Other ideas

The versatility of the cart also extends to areas such as the entrance where you can use it to store and organize shoes. There’s not a lot of room for tons of shoes but it should be enough for the pairs you wear most often.

On a hallway, you can use this cart as a sort of console table. You can have some books stored on the bottom, some collectibles in the middle and a vase or a potted plant on the top.

Or add the cart to your closet or pantry. Use it to keep all the small things in one place so you don’t have to look for them in the drawers or on the shelves.{found on iheartorganizing}.

As you can see, there are numerous ways in which you can customize the cart and use it according to your own needs. Plus, it has a simple design which allows it to integrate well in a lot of different settings and decors.



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