35 Shoe Storage Cabinets That Are Both Functional & Stylish

Today we’re showing off some beautiful ways to organize your shoe collection and stylize the nook they already live in.

Shoe Storage Cabinets

From mudrooms to bedrooms, there are a variety of places around the house they can and will get cluttered with the family’s shoes, so why not find a piece to keep them stored and ready for the day’s events? Let’s take a look at 35 shoe storage cabinets that are both functional and stylish for your own space!

Shoe Storage Cabinets to Keep your Home Tidy and Organized

1. Modern & Wooden Shoe CabinetModern & Wooden Shoe CabinetEach compartment swings open easily and the interior is divided into two

This modern piece would look great sitting in the mudroom or even in the bonus room. You’ll hide your shoes away without anyone knowing what’s inside its clean and chic style.

2. Hidden Shoe Storage CompartmentHidden Shoe Storage CompartmentActually, you can use as many compartments as you want for this purpose

A chest of drawers with a hidden compartment built just for your shoes. This could be exactly what you need to store your guests’ sneakers or your favorite pairs that you wear multiple times a week. It’s clean, easy, and versatile!

3.  Entryway Organization CabinetEntryway Organization CabinetThe compartments are roomy and the top drawer is perfect for small everyday objects

We love this little piece for your back or front entryway. You can drop off your keys and drop off your favorite patent leather heels you wear for work or even your tennis shoes you run in every morning.

4. Vintage & Feminine Shoe CabinetVintage & Feminine Shoe CabinetThe glass doors let you showcase your most beautiful shoes while keeping them organized

Take a vintage and femininely touched China cabinet and display your best pumps right inside. You’ll have great room for organization but also to show off your favorite parts of the shoe collection.

5. Walk-in Luxury Shoe CabinetWalk-in Luxury Shoe CabinetThis design is an elegant solution for large hallways

Whether it’s your walk-in closet or this cabinet piece was installed in your home office, it’s the perfect way to organize your giant shoe collection, especially if there are two of you! We love the hidden and posh factor of cabinets such as these, super modern and functional.

6. Contemporary & Mysterious Shoe Storage for a Bachelor PadContemporary & Mysterious Shoe Storage for a Bachelor PadNot only that this option is very practical but it also looks very classy

This space has bachelor pad written all over it. But it’s also a very sleek and sophisticated space. Instead of shoes being piled in the corner in a messy clutter, they’re tucked away in a cabinet on the wall.

7. Miniature Closet Just for Your ShoesMiniature Closet Just for Your ShoesSuch a cabinet can replace the dresser in the bedroom

You may refer to this as a shoe cabinet, but we like to refer to it as a miniature closet just for your shoes! We love the uniqueness and surprise element of this fascinating addition to your master bedroom!

8. Masculine & Edgy Shoe CabinetMasculine & Edgy Shoe CabinetYou can use this as inspiration and come up with your own cabinet makeover project

For something a bit more masculine, edgy, and hipster in style, why not take a vintage cabinet and use it for something other than the usual suspects. If your bedroom is larger, this is such a great way to utilize, organize and create the right kind of ethos.

9. Mudroom Clutter OrganizerMudroom Clutter OrganizerThe labels make organization easier and they also look really cute

Tone down the clutter in your mudroom and make a shelf for every member of the family. Label and organize, and every morning and afternoon everyone in the family will have an easy time when they’re on the go.

10. Shoe Cabinet with Glass DoorsShoe Cabinet with Glass DoorsA large collection of shoes needs a practical storage system like this one

Install something really luxurious in your walk-in closet like these glass door shoe cabinets. You’ll have an easier time finding exactly what you need and none of your shoes will go unworn with its easy access.

11. Chalkboard Shoe CabinetChalkboard Shoe CabinetChalkboard paint lets you transform any boring piece of furniture into a focal point

It could be a chalkboard or dry erase, make the outside of your shoe cabinet a bit more hidden by making that part of the piece functional too. A giant chalkboard can serve as your memo board and the doors to your organizational needs.

12. Vertical Shoe Storage CabinetVertical Shoe Storage CabinetVertical storage is extremely practical and can be applied to all sorts of situations

Not all cabinets have to be wide, instead, they can be slender and lengthy. We love how this cabinet pulls out in a slim and tidy way while still having ample room for storage.

13. Neat & Tidy Shoe CabinetNeat & Tidy Shoe CabinetOpen shelves make storage more practical, especially if you have nothing to hide

This mudroom and laundry area is the perfect place to take your shoes off after a long day out in the yard or at work. And those shoe shelves are the perfect way to keep neat and tidy.

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14. Classic Mudroom Shoe StorageClassic Mudroom Shoe StorageThis design is a classic and for plenty of practical reasons

This backdoor entrance is nicely laid out and utilized at a mudroom and quick home office. Notice the lower shelves, where family and guests can slide their shoes while inside the house. It’s a classic and elegant way to organize.

15. Posh Shoe Storage for a Walk-In ClosetThe glass shelves give the cabinet a lightweight and chic look

An entire, stand-alone shoe cabinet can be made for your extra-large walk-in closet. It’s got a very posh and contemporary feel while the white foundation and glass windows give it a whimsy and fun essence.

16. Hallway Cabinet StorageDon’t bother keeping your everyday shoes in a closet. A tray is more practical

This hallway cabinet storage is a genius idea for large families. And the shoes go right underneath in those roomy, square cubbies. Think of everything you can organize right inside those spaces!

17. Small Slide-out Shoe Storage CabinetsPull-out shelves let you access the lower compartments without a lot of effort

These simple slide-out shelves completely utilize smaller spaces, absolutely every inch. They’ll work in mudrooms, closets, and even in bonus room nooks that have the extra space for organizing.

18. Chic & Shiny Shoe Storage Cabinet
This system is also great and it’s featured by a variety of designs

You couldn’t get any more modern and fashion-forward than this beautiful piece. You’ll never know it would be used for shoe storage and that’s the best part of the design!

19. Shoe Storage Cabinet for Men’s ShoesSuch a design and storage system only suits certain types of shoes

These shoe cabinets were definitely made for the working man. There’s a traditional style mixed into its functionality and his work shoes can slide right inside.

20. IKEA Shoe Cabinet for Your HallwaySimple, stylish, and roomy, this cabinet is ideal for most hallways

You’d never know this giant piece from IKEA was a shoe cabinet. Place it anywhere in the house for organizational capabilities and chic style. And never lose your shoes again!

21. Shoe Storage Cabinet for Small HallwaysAnd if your shoes don't fit, just take out a shelf to make more room And if your shoes don’t fit, just take out a shelf to make more room

The Blio shoe cabinet designed by Neuland Industriaedesign is perfect for small hallways. It stores your shoes vertically on slanted shelves which makes it easy to identify and grab the pair you want to wear. {found on kristalia}.

22. Compact but Extra Roomy Shoe Storage CabinetThere's also space for a few other accessories with which to pair the shoes There’s also space for a few other accessories with which to pair the shoes

Ever wondered how Cinderella kept all her shoes organized when she became a princess? Probably not like this but she would have definitely loved this design. It’s simple and compact as well as really roomy and well organized. {found on yomei}.

23. Sleek & Wall-Mounted Shoe StorageThe wall-mounted design gives the hallway an airy feel The wall-mounted design gives the hallway an airy feel

The shoe cabinet designed by Sebastian Desch is interesting for a variety of reasons. First of all, it’s wall-mounted, a detail that could easily go overlooked. Also, it’s framed by colored glass and which offers a particularly stylish look.

24. Shoe Storage Cabinet with Louvered DoorsIn addition to the five shelves, the cabinet also has a drawer for accessories

The louvered doors are a classy feature in the case of this shoe cabinet. It gives the piece an elegant allure while also bringing a little bit of rustic charm to the mix. The dark finish, however, keeps it simple and modern.

25. Simple and Graphic Shoe Storage CabinetThe angled drawer fronts are a subtle detail that makes all the differenceThe angled drawer fronts are a subtle detail that makes all the difference

A design such as this one makes it difficult for the cabinet to be integrated into any particular style. It’s the type of accessory furniture that would fit great in pretty much any type of setting or décor.

26. Closet Shoe Rack

This closet shoe rack is a simple DIY project that even beginners will enjoy making. It’s perfect for fitting into your closet, or it could sit at the entry to your home. For ladies with a large collection of shoes, it’s ideal for adding into a walk-in wardrobe and will keep all of your shoes in one cabinet. For improved organization, you could use a label maker to organize everything perfectly. This is an excellent option for storing all of your family’s shoes in the entryway to your house.

27. DIY Industrial Shoe Rack

For a more open-plan shoe cabinet for the entry to your home, try out this DIY industrial shoe rack project. It will keep your home entryway looking much neater, and you won’t have to worry about putting muddy shoes into a cabinet upon returning home. The dark color of the wood is ideal for putting shoes on top of, and marks and scuffs won’t easily appear.

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28. DIY Entryway Shoe Storage Bench

This entryway shoe storage bench functions as both a shoe storage cabinet and somewhere to sit to put your shoes on in the morning. A whole family’s everyday shoe collection can fit in this bench, which will look attractive when placed at the entrance to your home. If you have a large dressing room or walk-in wardrobe, this would also look great in there and would give you somewhere to sit when you are getting ready to walk out the door each morning.

29. Handmade Reclaimed Cubbies Wood Shoe Stand

This handmade reclaimed cubbies wood shoe stand will look fantastic in any home and offers a rustic yet practical piece of furniture. Over the four different levels, you’ll be able to hold twelve pairs of men’s shoes or even more ladies’ shoes. It can be customized to your needs by adding extra levels. This storage cabinet would look fantastic in your hallway or closet and makes it easy to select a pair of shoes when you are in a rush to leave for work or school.

30. Crate Shoe Rack

If you are looking for a fun addition to your bedroom or home entryway, you’ll enjoy creating this crate shoe rack. It’s a little different from regular shoe storage cabinets and can also be used to hold other items, such as bags or books. This is an ideal option for anyone with boots or winter shoes that don’t easily fit into your regular-sized shoe storage cabinet. The fun thing about this project is that you can customize it to fit your home decor. Simply pick the number of crates and the color of paint you like, and you’ll enjoy adding this new piece of storage to your home.

31. Hidden Doorway Shoe Storage Cabinet

For anyone who is short on space in their home yet is desperate to eliminate clutter, you’ll love this hidden doorway shoe storage. You’ll save so much space with this project, which is easy to install onto almost any doorway. As long as you have a few inches of depth on the other side of the door, you’ll have no issue adding this handy storage cabinet into your wardrobe or bedroom. It’s ideal for shoes but could also be used to store belts and other accessories you use every day. The project uses simple wooden boards, and you can paint them any color you like to add a little more personality to the project.

32. Plywood DIY Shoe Storage Cabinet

Your friends and family won’t believe you made this shoe storage cabinet from scratch. It looks just like something you would buy in a store but without the hefty price tag. The instructions recommend using plywood, and it’s a fun project to complete over a weekend or two. The great thing about this cabinet is that it is designed to store shoes and boots of different sizes and heights. If you have tall boots, you’ll love having a space to store them without damaging the shoes by folding them over.

33. DIY Lazy Susan Shoe Rack

If you are looking to transform your bedroom or walk-in wardrobe into a showroom for your clothes and shoes, you’ll love this lazy Susan shoe rack. This looks just like a cabinet you would find in a fancy clothes store and will spruce up even the dullest of spaces. You’ll love how many pairs of shoes you can fit onto this rack, and you’ll never run out of space to put the newest addition to your collection.

34. Under the Staircase Shoe Cabinet

This is one of the most exciting projects on our list today and can easily take an unused space and transform it into an incredible shoe storage cabinet. This under the staircase shoe cabinet offers plenty of storage for your whole family’s shoe collection, without taking up any extra space in your home.

35. Expandable Shoe Cabinet

If you keep adding to your shoe collection, you’ll never run out of space with this expandable shoe cabinet. It looks stunning from the outside and displays your favorite shoes in a neat and orderly manner. This is the ideal cabinet for a large bedroom or walk-in wardrobe.

All of these projects and ideas are great for keeping your shoes off the floor and neatly stored away in your home. You’ll find a project here today to fit any size entryway or closet. A shoe storage cabinet is perfect for adding to any home and will usually create more space rather than take it away. We hope these projects have given you some inspiration for your home and will help to keep you and your family’s shoe collection well organized in the future.



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