30 Pair Shoe Rack Tower

I know that if you are a woman then you certainly love shoes. Even if you do not admit it when looking at yourself in the mirror and even if you are not very very elegant, you still have at least ten pairs of shoes and sandals and sports shoes and boots. If you have only two pairs for each season and it’s a total of eight pairs for only one person living in the house. Multiply it with four for a normal family and you will have a headache instantly thinking of a storage space for all the shoes. Here is a useful and cheap solution: the rack tower that is big enough for 30 pairs of shoes.

Unlike the closed cabinets that are made of wood and have doors that close, this shoe rack allows you to see the shoes when you are looking for a specific pair, saving you time this way. It can be placed inside a big closet or even on the balcony, in the hallway or in another place where it fits. You can store both shoe boxes and pairs of shoes at the same time and you can rapidly unfold it when you no longer need it. It is made of steel and polymer and it costs you only $34.99.

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