25 Amazing Outdoor Pallet Furniture Ideas For The Best Summer Days

People who love do-it-yourself upcycling projects have found highly creative ways in recent years to build stunning furniture out of reclaimed pallet wood commonly used by retailers, shippers and warehouses to transport and store various products.

Altough you can buy wood pallets and remnants from pallet manufacturers, you can also find old, free pallets for your projects at different companies.

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Always pick untreated wood that hasn’t been used to ship or store toxic materials or foodstuffs. For the best summer days outdoors, you’ll also need some amazing DIY furniture design ideas:

An Adjustable Recliner Made for Two

An Adjustable Recliner Made for Two #pallet #garden #furniture #decorhomeideas

Pallet boards, a dowel rod, hinges and fastening hardware are for the most part all you need to create this adjustable wide recliner.

Flatten the backboard to sunbathe or recline it while sharing cuddles, drinks or a sunset with a loved one.

A White Bench Created From Two Pallets

A White Bench Created From Two Pallets #pallet #garden #furniture #decorhomeideas

Transform a mere two pallets into a comfortable bench with a few hand tools, hardware, paint and cushions.

This project shouldn’t even take you a day to complete.

via Muy Ingenioso

Build a Pallet Daybed

Build a Pallet Daybed #pallet #garden #furniture #decorhomeideas

Do you desire a daybed for your deck?

With a pallet-crafted frame, pipe fixtures, casters and a twin bed and pillows, you can lounge in the sun while reading a book or relax while hanging out with company.

via Pretty Prudent

DIY Kids Picnic Table From Pallet Wood

DIY Kids Picnic Table From Pallet Wood #pallet #garden #furniture #decorhomeideas

Plastic kids’ tables eventually release harmful chemicals and crack and warp when exposed to direct sunlight.

Create a safer, durable outdoor meal area that can last beyond summer with a single pallet and two pressure-treated boards.

via Needles and Nails

L-Shaped Bench with Planter

L-Shaped Bench with Planter #pallet #garden #furniture #decorhomeideas

This L-shaped design features two beautiful benches suitable for up to four people, backboard flower planters and a connecting triangular shelf for drinks and decorative items.

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A matching low table rounds out a perfect patio furniture set.

L-Shaped Countertop

L-Shaped Countertop #pallet #garden #furniture #decorhomeideas

The basic style of this L-shaped countertop works well in any outdoor kitchen, including farmhouse, cape cod, rustic and modern.

You only need to choose a counter material and paint that match your kitchen’s theme.

Outdoor Kitchen Made From Repurposed Pallets

Outdoor Kitchen Made From Repurposed Pallets #pallet #garden #furniture #decorhomeideas

Pallet wood can be used to make more than furniture.

Build an entire kitchen that features multiple food prep zones, storage spaces and a grilling area with enough room for several cooks to have a hand in making the meal.

via Recyclart

Outdoor Pallet Bar With Sun Shade

Outdoor Pallet Bar With Sun Shade #pallet #garden #furniture #decorhomeideas

You don’t need to be a professional carpenter to build an outdoor bar for treating neighbors and guests to refreshing drinks.

Also, you can re-purpose this design during any season as a school homecoming booth or community bake sale stall.

DIY Outdoor Pallet Swing

DIY Outdoor Pallet Swing #pallet #garden #furniture #decorhomeideas

Children aren’t the only ones who enjoy swinging from a sturdy tree limb.

Swing alone or with a loved one on this simple-yet-elegant, wide swing made primarily with two pallets, nylon rope and cushions.

via The Sorry Girls

Pallet Bar Stools With Chevron Pattern

Pallet Bar Stools With Chevron Pattern #pallet #garden #furniture #decorhomeideas

Are you struggling to find stools for your existing outdoor bar or breakfast nook? Solve the problem with these bar stools.

A bit of pallet wood effortlessly becomes sturdy, tall boxes topped off with foam cushions covered in chevron-patterned fabric.

Pallet End Table

Pallet End Table #pallet #garden #furniture #decorhomeideas

Look no further for a furniture idea that adds a touch of rustic beauty to any patio or porch.

This walnut-stained pallet end table looks great with pallet, wicker (shown) and other furniture.

via Instructables

Pallet Furniture Ideas for Your Lawn

Pallet Furniture Ideas for Your Lawn #pallet #garden #furniture #decorhomeideas

Retro, boxy pallet furniture designs are trending once again!

To recreate this lawn scene, stack together and connect pallets, add some cushions wrapped in fabric with a vintage summertime pattern and locate an old, wooden cable spool.

Pallet Furniture Ideas with Plush Pillows

Pallet Furniture Ideas with Plush Pillows #pallet #garden #furniture #decorhomeideas

Here’s another simple idea that merely requires connecting pallets together in layers and adding cushions on top.

Choose clean, modern-colored plush pillows and linens or add contrast to the green lawn with vibrant, colorful fabrics.

via Style Me Pretty

Pallet Furniture Ideas with Wheels for Moving

Pallet Furniture Ideas with Wheels for Moving #pallet #garden #furniture #decorhomeideas

Do you need an easy-to-build, impressive movable seat?

The answer is this design made from a single pallet, hardware and caster wheels.

Pallet Garden Set

Pallet Garden Set #pallet #garden #furniture #decorhomeideas

This set provides another great example of how much furniture you can build from a few wooden pallets without a lot of effort.

The modern design also makes it look like you spent a ton of money on your garden furniture.

via Pallet Furniture Blog

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Pallet Kitchen Counter Chairs

Pallet Kitchen Counter Chairs #pallet #garden #furniture #decorhomeideas

Walnut stain and polyurethane can give any pallet furniture project rustic elegance.

These counter chairs have an antique appearance that blend in beautifully with rustic outdoor counters and furniture.

via 99 Pallets

Pallet Wood Sofa

Pallet Wood Sofa #pallet #garden #furniture #decorhomeideas

If you want a sofa that doesn’t take up a lot of space, this funky pallet one creates a simple two-seat solution.

A box-style foot rest made out of pallet wood completes the look.

via Funky Junk Interiors

Pallets Garden Party Lounge

Pallets Garden Party Lounge #pallet #garden #furniture #decorhomeideas

With a few pallets, paint, throw pillows and a comfy blanket, you can make a lounge set that draws every eye at a garden party.

This furniture creates a wonderful spot to entertain guests and relax near a fire pit on a cool evening.

via Easy Pallet Ideas

Private Seating Area with Cushions

Private Seating Area with Cushions #pallet #garden #furniture #decorhomeideas

You don’t need a mansion to have a garden seat where you can spend time reading a good book or just enjoying nature.

Place potted plants on attached shelves around this portable seating area and then disappear into your private garden anywhere.

Reclining Seats for Your Patio or Deck

Reclining Seats for Your Patio or Deck #pallet #garden #furniture #decorhomeideas

These pallet recliners expand upon the ones pictured earlier by adding an additional two seats.

Hang out with a group of friends or sunbathe without shouting across your patio or deck during conversations.

via Wohn Blogger

DIY Pallet Coffee Table

DIY Pallet Coffee Table #pallet #garden #furniture #decorhomeideas

Who says pallet furniture can’t be luxurious?

This portable coffee table is made of rough, stacked pallets with a smooth top in a design that would impress any high-end decorator.

Although the image features rustic metal accessories, it’s just as easy to imagine brass, copper or even gold or silver ones in their place.

via Southern Revivals

Summer Outdoor Living Space

Summer Outdoor Living Space #pallet #garden #furniture #decorhomeideas

An outdoor living space should be flexible enough for any event.

This stationary, L-shaped bench arrangement with colorful cushions and pillows features a convenient, portable table with a removable umbrella stand.

Vertical Flower Planter

Vertical Flower Planter #pallet #garden #furniture #decorhomeideas

It is possible to build an uncomplicated piece of pallet furniture in only a few steps.

Make this amazing vertical planter with a single pallet, a saw, a hammer, nails and some paint.

DIY Vertical Pallet Garden

DIY Vertical Pallet Garden #pallet #garden #furniture #decorhomeideas

Did you know that you can make a vertical pallet garden in under an hour?

All you need is one pallet, two eyelet screws, a length of chain, hanging plant hooks and some potted plants.

via Jenna Burger

Wooden Counter with Cement Surface

Wooden Counter with Cement Surface #pallet #garden #furniture #decorhomeideas

Lastly, pallet wood is often made from hardwoods that can handle a lot of weight, which makes it a great choice for outdoor counter projects.

As seen here, it can hold the weight of even heavy concrete elements.



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