22 Creative Ways To Repurpose Old Chairs And Make Them Shine Again

You likely have some older chairs that have faded into non-use and become an eye-sore.

Rather than tossing them, try upcycling them and letting their beauty and memories live on.

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These 22 DIY ideas repurpose chairs into creative and unique masterpieces. Easy to both make and customize you are sure to find a weekend project!

Bench Created Using Repurposed Old Chairs

Bench Created Using Repurposed Old Chairs #chair #diy #repurposed #decorhomeideas

Craft your own outdoor bench with this modern upcycled chair idea.

Two chairs, facing towards one another, are connected with three wooden boards where their seats used to be.

The backs of the chairs act as a unique armrest. The now black bench also contains storage below where the footrest was prior.

via My Repurposed Life

Brightly Painted Planter for Your Garden

Brightly Painted Planter for Your Garden #chair #diy #repurposed #decorhomeideas

Turn your former seat into a wonderfully elegant spot for your plants with this DIY idea.

A chair with its seat removed is painted a bright mint blue and converted into a planter chair.

Try adding a colorful pink floral arrangement to accentuate the vibrant colors.

Chair Swing with Cushions

Chair Swing with Cushions #chair #diy #repurposed #decorhomeideas

This whimsical DIY idea works for those chairs with questionable legs.

A rounded wicker chair with no legs hangs in the garden from a nearby tree with four supporting ropes.

Decorated with comfortable pink and purple laces and pillows this chair swing is reminiscent of relaxing tea parties.

via So Mee

Corner Table

Corner Table #chair #diy #repurposed #decorhomeideas

Try this fun and easy DIY idea if your chair is losing its back and arms.

The seat and legs of a chair have been painted in an antique white and placed in the foyer as a corner table.

The seat has a floral design embellished on its top. Decorate with a simple white flower for a clean, minimalist look.

via Knick Of Time

DIY Dog Bowl Chairs

DIY Dog Bowl Chairs #chair #diy #repurposed #decorhomeideas

Give your furry companions their own outdoor serving tray with this repurposed chair idea.

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Two metal feeding bowls rest in the seats of two wooden chairs. Labels for food and water are stenciled in the back.

via The DIY Village

DIY Jewelry Storage

DIY Jewelry Storage #chair #diy #repurposed #decorhomeideas

If you can only salvage the leg, check out this idea.

Three differing sized blue bowls are secured unto an overturned white chair leg.

The now upcycled jewelry storage gives new opulent life to the chair.

via Confession Of a Serial DIYer

DIY Succulent Chair Planter

DIY Succulent Chair Planter #chair #diy #repurposed #decorhomeideas

Make an overgrowing succulent planter from a delipidated metal chair with this adorable DIY project.

The seat of a green metal chair has been turned into a planter filled with many variations of succulents.

With many colors and textures, the succulents rest easily in their new home.

via Garden Therapy

DIY Wooden Tote Redo

DIY Wooden Tote Redo #chair #diy #repurposed #decorhomeideas

Completely reenvision your chair with this DIY idea.

A white tote has been constructed from various scrap boards and a solid leg from the recycled chair. It can be used to store glassware.

Try adding a drawer knob or stenciling for a finished look.

via Confession Of a Serial DIYer

Double Chair Bench for a Porch

Double Chair Bench for a Porch #chair #diy #repurposed #decorhomeideas

Reinvent a pair of older chairs using this cute and colorful DIY idea.

Two wooden chairs have been painted in a chalky blue and joined together with five boards at the seat.

The wooden boards are painted in brown, blue, and white for a candy stripe vibe.

via Levante

Farmhouse Ladder Back Chair Shelf

Farmhouse Ladder Back Chair Shelf #chair #diy #repurposed #decorhomeideas

Get creative with your chair back in this DIY project.

A ladder shelf has been created from a chair back painted in faded white. It is joined to an existing shelf and drilled into the wall.

Try hanging a blanket over one of the “rungs” for a cozy look.

via Etsy

French-Style Bench From Old Chairs

French-Style Bench From Old Chairs #chair #diy #repurposed #decorhomeideas

Create an elegant French-style bench with this upcycle DIY idea.

Two dark wooden chairs have their seats removed and are used as sidings for a rectangular bench. This refined look is perfect inside or out in the garden.

via An Oregon Cottage

Mantle with Flowers and an Owl

Mantle with Flowers and an Owl #chair #diy #repurposed #decorhomeideas

Rethink your chair as a decorative shelving system in this upcycle idea.

A chair without legs is affixed to the wall with its seat serving as a shelf for your favorite seasonal decorations.

Try painting the chair back in a darker color for a modern look.

Outdoor Side Table

Outdoor Side Table #chair #diy #repurposed #decorhomeideas

Create your own little nook with this idea. With its back and arms removed, the seat of a chair now serves as a rustic side table.

Use it to hold your outdoor beverage and book of choice.

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via Knick Of Time

Picture Frames from Repurposed Wood

Picture Frames from Repurposed Wood #chair #diy #repurposed #decorhomeideas

This adorable idea uses the backs of older chairs to hold onto life’s precious memories.

The insides of two chairs’ backs have been removed, leaving the perfect space to hold your most dear pictures.

Paint the frames in black or a bold color of your choice.

via All Things Thrifty

Planter Box From Old Chair

Planter Box From Old Chair #chair #diy #repurposed #decorhomeideas

Let the natural curves and structure of an older chair back accentuate your beautiful floral arrangement with this DIY weekend project.

An older chair back, painted in faded antique blue holds a labeled planter box.

Repurposed Chair Back Photo Holder

Repurposed Chair Back Photo Holder #chair #diy #repurposed #decorhomeideas

Create a chic photo holder using a repurposed chair with this cute DIY idea.

A metal binder clip has been fastened to a solo chair back that has been painted in faded gray.

via Organized Clutter

Repurposed Ivar Chair

Repurposed Ivar Chair #chair #diy #repurposed #decorhomeideas

Let this DIY idea turn your older chairs into a play station of true wonder.

A mock stove and cooking station have been prepared from various seats and white painted chair backs. It even includes a dish towel rack.

via IKEA Hackers

Spindle Wind Chimes

Spindle Wind Chimes #chair #diy #repurposed #decorhomeideas

Give your front porch a whimsical wind chime using this chair repurpose idea.

The chair spindles are painted in yellow, blue, and white pastels and serve as wind chime flutes. Add a wooden bird on top to complete the look.

via Confession Of a Serial DIYer

Unique Way to Hang Your Necklaces

Unique Way to Hang Your Necklaces #chair #diy #repurposed #decorhomeideas

If all you can salvage is the head of the chair back, then try this DIY idea.

The decorative piece is painted in antique blue, fastened with jewelry hooks, and secured to the wall.

Vintage Chair Drink Stand

Vintage Chair Drink Stand #chair #diy #repurposed #decorhomeideas

Use this nifty DIY idea to repurpose your older chair into a functional drink cooler.

The chair seat has been hollowed out to hold a metal bucket that stores ice and your favorite porch drinks.

via Oh My Creative

Vintage Style Chalkboard

Vintage Style Chalkboard #chair #diy #repurposed #decorhomeideas

This convenient idea upcycles your older chair back into a chalkboard.

A chair back frame attached to the front door is painted in antique teal and used to frame a chalkboard. A small tray is included to hold the chalk.

via Something Salvaged

Wooden Wall Rack

Wooden Wall Rack #chair #diy #repurposed #decorhomeideas

Show off the elegant shape of the chairside with this useful DIY idea.

Painted in a grayish-green, the chair back is secured to the wall and given three hooks to serve as an outdoor rack.

via Mamas TV



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