21 Cool Furniture For Pets

When you decide to take a pet into your home you basically agree to take care of it and to make sure it’s happy. This doesn’t mean you just have to feed the pet and maybe take out for a walk if it’s a dog. You also have to make everything you can to make it feel comfortable. And since your pet will be a new member of the family, you’ll have to get some furniture for it as well. It’s not about being fancy but about taking care of your furry friend.

DIY Cat Window Perch

Wave bed.

The Wave bed would be perfect for a small-sized dog. It looks just like a normal bed. It even has nightstands built-into the structure. The bed was designed by Cedel. It has a modern design and it’s both durable and beautiful. Your dog will definitely love it.Available for 2,000$.


Letting your pet sleep in the same bed as you is not the best idea. It’s best to maintain the distance. But if you want your pet to stay close to you at night without giving up the comfort of either of you, you could opt for this interesting piece of furniture. It’s a nightstand and it has a space inside where your pet could sleep.Available for 449$.


This is another great piece. It’s also multifunctional. It could serve as a side table and you could use the top for displaying a nice vase with flowers or anything else. Inside this side table your pet will have a nice place where it can sleep or hide.Available for 580$.
Cat Scratcher.

Cats are really cute and lovely but they have this annoying habit of scratching every surface. They especially enjoy ruining the sofas and beds. To prevent them from doing that while also giving them something better to scratch, you could opt for this modern cat scratcher.{found on site}.

Modern beds.

If you want something that would fit into your contemporary home and that your pets would love as well, these egg-shaped pet beds could be the answer. They are available in several sizes and they are great for small dogs and for cats. They can cuddle inside and your home will look futuristic without losing style.Available on Amazon.


Cats have no problem jumping on surfaces. In fact, they seem to feel safer when they can admire everything from a higher level, especially when you also have a dog or a small child. It’s why cats absolutely love pet beds like this one. It’s cozy, comfortable and it also looks great.

Wall mounted.

Another thing that most cats like to do is to climb on shelves and furniture. To avoid having them ruin your décor you could get them a wall-mounted bed like this one. It will be a designated space where they are allowed to go and they’ll also satisfy their desire of jumping on other shelves. Available on Amazon.

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Tree house.

Of course, there are many other things that cats love to do. Among those, we can mention the fact that they often like to climb on trees. So it would be a good idea to opt for pet furniture that looks like this. It imitates a tree and it has spaces where the cats can sit and even sleep. They can climb on shelves and they have a nice pet bed on the bottom. It’s basically a tree house for cats.


You’re not the only one that likes to sleep in style. Your dog would love that too. So give it a pet bed that has a modern kick. This is the Mija Dog Bed. It’s made from 10mm thick acrylic and has a pillow with memory foam that makes it extremely comfortable. It might even be more comfortable than your own bed.


If you want your dogs to have a house where they can spend time, why not make it stylish as well? This is more than just a dog house, it’s more like a mansion. It has floor-to-ceiling glass walls just like a fancy contemporary home. Your dogs will be able to relax inside while admiring the surroundings. The house has break-proof window glass and it’s made of varnished wood.{found on site}.


Since platform beds seem to be so popular these days, you might like to get one for your pet as well. This looks just like a miniature platform bed. It even has nightstands on either side of the bed with drawers and bedding and pillows. It’s great for cats or small dogs.Available for 1575$.


We know how everyone enjoys relaxing in a hammock so we thought that your pet might like that too. A regular hammock would be too big for a cat or small dog so you could just get this smaller version, made especially for pets. It’s made from sustainable exotic strand bamboo and has a reversible cushion.Available on Amazon.

Pet chalet.

Chalets are always charming and very relaxing. But usually your pets don’t get to enjoy these moments. To make up for that, you could give them their own little chalet. This one is made of cardboard plaque and inside it has a carpet and comes with 3 cardboard balls. It’s exactly what a cat would love to have.available for 26$.


Cats are very cute and cuddly but they have several needs you have to take care of. They need a litter box and finding a good spot for it can be a problem. If you don’t want the litter box to ruin the aesthetic of your home, you could opt for something like this. It’s a piece meant to conceal the litter box, giving the cat privacy and hiding the box from children and other pets.Available on Amazon.

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Corner furniture.

This is a similar piece of furniture. It’s a corner cabinet that you can put in any room and that was meant to hide the litter box. The cat can go insidethrough an opening and the door of the cabinet goes down whenever you need to clean the litter box or to have a look inside.{found on site}.


There’s a very strong trend these days and everyone wants to make furniture out of wooden pallets. So why not make something for your pet as well? From a portion of a pallet you could make a wonderful bed for your dog. You can choose the dimensions according to the size of your pet and you can put the bed on castors so you can easily change its location.{found on camillestyles}.

Old suitcase.

An old suitcase can also be a great bed for a pet. You’ll have to remove the upper portion and to put a small mattress or pillow inside. It’s simple and your pet will definitely love it. If you want, you can give the suitcase a makeover first by adding a fresh coat of paint for example.{found on site}.

Rattan furniture.

This is a bed designed for cats. It’s called the Kitty Ball Bed and it’s made of hand-woven faux rattan. It’s very durable and it’s also good-looking. The bed includes a soft machine-washable cushion. Your cats would definitely love to take a nap in this stylish bed.Available on Amazon.

Hidden storage.

Pets don’t only need a bed to sleep into. They also need a place where their food and toys can be stored. Usually you just use a drawer of the cabinet for this. But you could take this idea further and you could have a small cabinet converted into a multifunctional piece of furniture for your pet. The bottom drawer could be a feeder and the upper ones could be used for storage.{found on site}.

Pet planter.

Here’s another multifunctional piece. It’s a planter but it’s also a tiny house for your pet. The planters come in several shapes and sizes and there are versions perfect for cats, for dogs and even for birds. You can have a lovely planter for your home or garden and your pet could have a lovely house for itself.

Cat crib.

I don’t know if you’re noticed but cats often like to sit underneath your chair. They probably feel safe there and they enjoy being close to you. Well, you could make sure they’re also comfortable. This is a hammock that you can install under the chair. It’s like a tiny crib for your cat or dog. Available on Amazon.



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