2012 Cardboard Furniture Collection by Roberto Giacomucci

The collection of cardboard furniture in the picture is the work of Roberto Giacomucci. No matter if you look at the shelves, chairs and armchairs, lamps or wall furniture pieces, it is impossible not to want to find out more each of them. Whatever color you like, there is a wide variety you can choose of : red, yellow, green, the classical black and white, the more common tones and even two- shades pieces.

The shelves, for example can be simple or more complex and it is up to you how you place the objects on them; the red armchairs seem more comfortable than you would expect and the two tones furniture pieces are inviting in their harmony. These pieces are proves of the fact that the designer succeeded to give life to cardboard architecture and no matter what  you choose, you can place them in your house, office, stores, but you can also use them for design exhibition space.

The side shelves are perfect for any office, no matter how many paper records you have. Every piece seems to be a practical example and the more you look at it, the more you like it and the more useful it appears. You can try them and see for yourself, no matter if it is for a short or a long-time period.

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