20 Designs That Prove Hairpin Legs Can Look Great On Anything

Figuring out what inspired the design of hairpin legs is easy and making them look stylish in your home is not such an outstanding challenge either, especially with their obvious sleek and elegant charm. So feel free to include hairpin furniture legs in your DIY projects and to look for them in stores when planning a room makeover.

Combine them with tree trunk slabs.

Tree stumps or tree trunk slices make beautiful tabletops for side tables or coffee tables. But how do you think these pieces of furniture would look like if they had hairpin legs? The contrast would definitely be interesting and the whole combo is one that stands out and that guests will remember.{images credit 1 and 2}.

Hairpin coffee tables.

Coffee tables with hairpin legs, whether they’re painted a bold color or simple, can look beautiful in both modern and mid-century style homes. The tables can either stand out or blend in. It’s all about the way you integrate it into the whole décor and the materials, colors and textures you use around it.{image sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6}.

Sleek bookshelf designs.

Bookcases and bookshelves usually tend to look bulky and robust because of their nature and design. One way to make them look thin and a little bit more elegant is with hairpin legs. Elevate your bookshelves and create a delicate and yet strong base. It’s a chic way to also add dimension and space to a room.Found on etsy.

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Elegant desks

by Ruth Eileen Photography

If it’s tall enough, a coffee table or console table can become a beautiful and practical desk. Pick a design with hairpin legs if you want it to look extra chic and simple. You can also custom design your desk and turn this into a fun DIY project. Paint the hairpin legs the same color as the desk or allow them to stand out on their own.

Stand-out beds.

by Stephanie Jaeger

Even beds, as big and robust as they seem, can be supported by hairpin legs. This just goes to show just how versatile they really are. If you plan to elevate your old bed with hairpin legs, try to find the right height. This type of legs only works for platform beds.

Dining tables and chairs.

by Sam Oberter Photography

Both dining tables and dining chairs can look very elegant with hairpin legs. However, a matching set can look a little forced from an aesthetic point of view. It would be nicer to have a pedestal table or one with a sturdy and simple base complemented by these chairs or the other way around.

Entryway furniture.

The entryway doesn’t need a lot of furniture and there’s not a lot of space for it anyway. Still, you can usually find room for a console table or a bench. Choose designs with hairpin legs to maintain a simple and airy ambiance and décor.

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Bathroom décor.

by Amanda Kirkpatrick

Furniture with hairpin legs seems like a perfect idea for the bathroom, given how limited the space usually is here. By choosing an open design for your vanity or cabinet you maximize the illusion of space and there’s still plenty of room for storage underneath if you use baskets. There’s also another possibility: to support the washbasin itself with hairpin legs.

Sofas and benches.

by Emily McCall

Hairpin legs may look flimsy and thin but they’re very sturdy and strong so they can easily support a sofa or a bench. You can build your own custom-made piece by adding a wooden top and a few comfy cushions or a mattress or you can leave it as such as use it as a bench for the bedroom. Place it at the end of the bed and it will fit perfectly.



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