18 Cool Furniture Designs That Will Change the Way You See a Room

The foundation of a fresh, new look in your home is definitely the furniture. New pieces not only transform the fashion of your space but also the functionality. Small tweaks can make a big change when it’s time to add or swap out some furniture, so it’s a good idea to keep your eye on the latest designs because they always offer interesting new features. Homedit has picked out 10 cool designs that will totally reshape the way your room looks and feels.

A Fresh Take on The Sectional SofaTwo wood finishes are available as are three tweed upholstery colors.Two wood finishes are available as are three tweed upholstery colors.

The Mesa Collection from District Eight is just as functional as the behemoth sectionals of the previous decade but is stylistically worlds away from that hulking style. Plump, chic upholstered seating is fashioned onto a solid oak base that peeks out from underneath. The table in between is also made from oak and topped with tempered glass that is supported by turned brass spindles. The cool design has a trapezoidal shape which allows you to arrange the furniture into a curved setting or a linear one when the table is turned with the wide section to the front. The versatile pieces are also family friendly because the upholstered sections are covered in a stain-proof textile.

A Glam Statement SofaThe structure of the sofa is made from pine and the legs are polished brass.The structure of the sofa is made from pine and the legs are polished brass.

Named after the ever-sexy actress Ann Margret, Ottiu’s alluring sofa is perfect for adding glamour to a space. The curvy shape and sumptuous velvet make the Margret sofa a standout, no matter what color of upholstery you choose. The cotton velvet is a fitting contrast to the base with its leggy, mid-century style. Ideal for any contemporary room that needs a touch of old Hollywood, the Portuguese company’s sofa is a piece of cool furniture that is a grand centerpiece.

Modern Relaxation With a Sleek Silhouette

If your tastes run toward the modern end of the spectrum, you can still incorporate a curvy design. This sofa by Soho Concept foregoes all the usual sharp angles you might find on a modern sofa in favor of a sloping silhouette that begs you to lie down and put your feet up. The Harmony sofa has chrome-plated steel legs and a solid birch wood frame inside the futuristic design. This is a piece of cool furniture that makes a chic statement and is a versatile piece for building a room’s decor.

Try an Expandable Sofa SystemBob can incorporate a handy occasional table designed to fit between the sections.Bob can incorporate a handy occasional table designed to fit between the sections.

Meet Bob from Blå Station. He’s another totally different take on the sectional, composed of small sections that can be combined in a limitless number of configurations in a range of cool designs. In addition to the straight sections shown here, wedge-shaped pieces allow you to create gently undulating shapes or hairpin turns – whatever you need for your space. Long, or short you can create what fits your limitations because of the seven different styles of modules are only 26 centimeters at their widest. Mix it up even more with a range of colors in one configuration. Designed by renowned Swedish designers Stefan Borselius and Thomas Bernstrand, Blå Station had challenged the pair to devise a system that allowed for “maximum flexibility with a minimum of components at a reasonable price.” The result is Bob, which also has an online planning tool to help you design your unique arrangement.

Lighten Up With A Geometric Glass TableShadows, angles and lines are at play in this design.Shadows, angles and lines are at play in this design.

To keep a space from developing a “heavy” feeling from all the furniture, try adding a glass table. This geometric piece from Consort is a cool design that creates interest in a very stylish way.  The custom-made Zsa-Zsa table comes in four different finishes and provides a geometric silhouette ideal for a contemporary or modern space. The design is as unique the famous actress of the same name, known for her “European flair and style” as well as a  personality that “exuded charm and grace.”

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Go for a Distinctive ShapeThe company was founded by husband and wife team Bárbara Ruckert and William Stuart.The company was founded by husband and wife team Bárbara Ruckert and William Stuart.

The Tavolo table base from Costantini Design of Buenos Aires is a very cool design that features mixed materials and a novel shape. This table has a starburst Macassar Ebony Top that sits on top of a cast aluminum base that flares out like the whirling skirt of a dancer. The solidity of the material belies the motion that the design conveys, with its undulating, draped shape. It’s rare to find a pedestal base for a table that has such a fluidity of form.

Add An Artful PieceCool furniture that combines art and function conveys your personality.Cool furniture that combines art and function conveys your personality.

Nothing adds more personality to your home than a cool design that is as much art as it is furniture. This table, shaped like a surfboard, features a dramatic wave design painted on the surface. The rendering of the moving water has an Asian flair to the style, which really stands out against the wood. The base is also very stylish, with its two trapezoidal bases instead of a four-legged style.

Designs That Mix MaterialsTwo materials combine in an unexpected way add a big cool factor to a room.Two materials combine in an unexpected way add a big cool factor to a room.

A glass desk might not be anything new, but this design that melds the glass with hand-crafted wood is truly a new piece of cool furniture. The base rises up and curves around to meet the wooden drawer and work surface, bisecting the central insert. The overall silhouette is very unexpected and features a unique joining of the materials in this design. It’s a modern piece that still carries with it a sense of warmth, thanks to the wood.

Opt for Extraordinary Occasional TablesMore than a dozen different stone choices are available for the table base.More than a dozen different stone choices are available for the table base.

Often chosen more for function than form, coffee tables can be so much more than just a place to set your drink. New designs elevate them to the level of cool furniture that features artistry and high-end materials. These Lapidary Drinks Tables by the James Devlin Studio are made from solid carved marble. The faceted shape is bisected at the top by a disc of metal, which is available in a number of finishes that complement the many varieties of stone that can be used for the base, which is also made in a dining table size. The designer believes like da Vinci that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Indeed it is.

Dine in Luxurious Chairs
Luxurious fabric and jewel tones add glamour to a piece of furniture.Luxurious fabric and jewel tones add glamour to a piece of furniture.

Dining with friends and family, you want to linger, so why not add luxurious chairs to your dining room? Munna’s Melody and Daisy chairs are ideal, upholstered in a rich velvet of glorious hue, are cool designs that make dining a dream. The comfortably padded seats will encourage guests to settle in for conversation long after coffee and dessert are finished. They are so stylish and add an instant dose of glamour to the room.

An Unusual Chair

Wild, unusual chairs are among the coolest designs for livening up an interior. They’re easy to find and quick to install, immediately adding a fresh edge to the room. This Acaú armchair by Sergio Matos is a comfortable seat inspired by Elk Horn Coral. Folded wires covered by cotton string take on the nature-like vibe of the coral, all set atop a sturdy steel base. This amazing chair is available in a rainbow of colors.

Minimalist Seating

NDT’s streamlined bench, stool and chair bring a cool, pared-down feel to a space. Large or small, any room that has a minimalist aesthetic can get added function and a revived look with carefully edited pieces like these. Whether you opt for just one or multiples, they add a little something extra to the room without major fuss or fanfare – just a sense of quiet stylishness.

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A Whimsical Touch

What good is a room where you can’t have at least a little fun? Quite literally, every space can benefit from a touch of whimsy, which can be found in any design style. Reiner Bosch’s side table from Gallery Priveekollektie is a great example of a small whimsical piece that packs a lot of lightheartednesses. Called the Secret Lagoon, it’s part of The Melting Series, a collection of bronze works that look like they’re melting.

A Very Artistic Side Table

Painted with abandon and formed with artistry, this piece – stool or side table, you decide – is a colorful reprieve from an overwhelming world of neutral spaces. In fact. It’s a great cool design for infusing a little color and free-spiritedness into a living space. Created by ceramic artist Reinaldo Sanguino and offered by The Future Perfect, the medium is not only the structure but the canvas for his work. Metallic touches draw the eye and add some extra dimension to a piece that is already intriguing.

An Eye-Catching Console

By their nature, consoles are always placed in a conspicuous spot like an entryway, so they are a prime opportunity to add a super cool piece to interior décor. Galerie BSL’s console has all the must-have elements: a sleek, curving glass top and a design that dominates the space. The stylized flower elements are positioned to look like they are supporting the table and they surround the ends, climbing up the wall like a vine exploding in blooms. The multiple metal finishes used gild the lily in more ways than one!

An Indescribable Conversation Piece

Magen H’s brutalist cabinet is a fabulous choice for a number of design styles and adds a hefty edge of cool. The fact that brutalist designs are a little less common than most others found in the living room make them extra special. The construction of this one is also very interesting because the side doors hide sets of apothecary style drawers, perfect for secreting away all kinds of mementos.

A Bejeweled Cabinet

The jewels used on these spectacular cabinets might not be rare but the work as a whole most certainly is. Crafted by Hong Kong’s Kam Tin in the 1970, the bejeweled cabinets he made were very few before he stopped production. Maison Rapin’s Philippe Rapin fell in love with the pieces and ended up buying the brand, now releasing new works and collections. In addition to amber, turquoise and pyrite have been used to create collections of these very special cabinets in various sizes.

Vintage Pieces by Iconic Designers

In general, you can never go wrong by adding a piece of furniture by an iconic designer. This bright red tea trolley/bar cart from Modernity Gallery is a great example. Designed by Finland’s Arvo Aalto in 1936, the design is as cool as it was the day it was created. The oversized wheel becomes a key element and complements the unusual leg design. It also does double duty by adding a colorful pop to a room.

You can find cool furniture of all styles as long as you look around and try to think outside the box. Look for designs that include elements, materials and features that really appeal to you and choose a piece that not only expresses your style but also gives your space a whole new look.



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