15 Stylish Wood Furniture And Features With Natural Edge

Live edge or natural edge is a certain style of furniture and it can be best defined as a style where the carpenter incorporates the natural edge of the wood into the design of that certain piece. This gives it a unique and one-of-a-kind look. There are different methods for working with this type of wood but in all cases the main goal is the same: to preserve the natural beauty of the wood and to showcase it making it the star of the design.

This modern kitchen, for example, features a very nice wooden countertop with natural edge. As you can see, it’s slightly darker than the wooden floor but it still creates a very nice balance. Also, the contrast between the straight and simple lines seen throughout the modern décor and the organic lines of the countertop is very nice.

This is a headboard that we might have presented once more but it’s very charming so here it is again. It’s made from a piece of wood with natural lines and edge and the shape is very beautiful. It’s a great piece for the bedroom as it gives the room a casual and comfortable feel.

Sometimes it’s refreshing to see something that doesn’t have perfect lines and angles. This kitchen countertop is nice and smooth but it has that detail on the side that makes it special. It’s a nice element and a unique feature.

Another wonderful piece is this one. It’s a shelf, part of a bookcase and it sits on top of a low white cabinet. It’s not a must-have feature for the furniture but it’s a detail that makes it stand out. It’s wonderful how something so simple can change the décor so much.

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This beautiful dining table also has natural edge. Notice the irregular shape of the table top and the beautiful lean lines. It’s not a very obvious feature but it’s a small detail that makes the table unique. In addition, it blends in beautifully in the décor.

Another very nice and interesting idea is to add some charm and style to the bathroom with a surface like this one. It’s made of wood and it has that natural edge that makes it stand out. The washbasin emphasizes the lean lines with its shape and color.

Here’s another wonderful piece of furniture for the bathroom. In this case the irregularities on the wood are more striking and a little dramatic even. The piece has an artistic look and it looks it’s been sculpted by nature and time. It’s a very beautiful look.

Not every angle and every line have to be in sync in order for a piece of furniture to look unique. This kitchen island, for example, has a very nice wooden top with only one side featuring natural edge. It’s an accent feature that gives it character without taking over the design.

And now back to the bathroom, a room that doesn’t usually have much character. It’s one of those rooms that look pretty much the same in every home. But you can make your special with a simple feature such as a piece of wood that has a natural edge.

This wooden shelf is extremely charming. It looks wonderful because of its shape and edge but also because of the lighting. In addition, it’s mounted on a stone wall and this combination of materials and textures is always interesting and beautiful.

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This kitchen has an overall modern and simple design. The only element that definitely stands out is the wooden countertop. It has a very nice stain and patina but the natural edge is definitely the most interesting detail. It stands out even more in this white décor.

This dining table is also very beautiful. The irregularities and the shape could be considered unpractical but this is a design meant to be beautiful and to serve as an accent piece and maybe even focal point for the room.

Probably the most common piece of furniture featuring natural edges is the coffee table. This one, for example, is very charming. It has a very interesting shape and the design and the details go wonderfully with the whole concept of having a coffee table in the center of the room.

Another interesting look can be seen in the case of this bar. The countertop which appears to be granite or something similar has a simple shape with straight lines and angles. The wooden edge, however, is there just to add a touch of mysticism to the design and to stand out.

Of course, a beautiful piece of wood can also make a wonderful bench for, let’s say, the hallway. Mount it on the wall and put up a clothes rack above it. It will be even more beautiful if it has natural edges and a nice organic shape.

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