15 Self-Watering Planters That Make Your Everyday Life Easier

It’s in our nature to look for things designed to make our lives easier, to help us save time and effort and to basically simplify our everyday routines and to make ourselves more efficient. The self-watering planter is one of the many little things we invented in that sense. It’s meant to save us time and to allow us to grow and enjoy healthy plants and herbs with minimal effort. Who knows, maybe self-watering planters will some day replace the traditional ones entirely. For now they’re just an interesting concept. If you’re curious how they work, we have a few examples that you might like to take a closer look at.

Click & Grow is a gardening system designed to allow you to grow fresh herbs all year long indoors and with minimal effort. It’s a kit which includes a stylish planter with a built-in water reservoir, an LED light source, smart soil designed to accelerate the plant’s growth by giving it the right amount of water, oxygen, pH and nutrients. It uses plant cartridges. Once you drop these in and you plug in the planter there’s really nothing else to worry about. Just refill the water reservoir every once in a while and enjoy your fresh herbs.

If you’re planning to start a whole garden, maybe you should get of these GlowPear self-watering planters. You can use them to grow a wide range of fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers and you can keep it indoor or outdoor. They have built-in drip trays and their design is simple and modular which means you can easily connect more planters as your garden expands.

Self-watering planters like the one from Spigo are not only practical because they relieve you of the task of watering the plants but also because they can be placed anywhere. Thanks to the built-in lighting system, you can grow healthy plants in dark areas and thus decorate your home exactly the way you want to without being limited by each plant’s requirements. The plants get 8 hours of white light and 8 hours of fuchsia light each day and this helps them grow in ideal conditions.

Perfect for offices, bathrooms, kitchens and pretty much any other space that could use a touch of green in its decor, the Puro 20 planter stands out from other less sophisticated models thanks to its compact and practical design which includes a built-in water reservoir and a water-level indicator. The form is simple, the planter featuring a spherical design and a pleasant texture.

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Self-watering planters are useful not just because they make our everyday life a bit less busy but also because they provide the plants with a stable watering program even when you’re away on vacation or business trips. These ones from Mkono come in sets of three and have a double-layer design that allow excess water to be stored at the bottom. They’re made of durable plastic and they can be used both indoor and outdoor.

The most notable thing about the Cascada planter is the fact that it’s not a single container but actually a collection of several. There the main large planter and a series of openings with compartments around them. This makes Cascada perfect for growing hanging/ cascading plants, hence the name. Each opening allows plants to grow out, creating a beautiful arrangement.

The mechanism around which the Cole & Mason self-water planters are designed is very simple. There’s the pot and then there’s a reservoir at the bottom which can be filled with water regularly. The plant draws water as needed and the pour spot makes it easy to fill the reservoir. The container is covered to limit evaporation.

The oval and elongated form of the Delta 20 planter makes it ideal for creating a beautiful windowsill garden. It’s made of pp plastic which is frost and UV resistant and it has a built-in water reservoir system which provides the right amount of water to the roots of the plants and reduces the time being waterings. A water-level indicator lets you know when it’s time to refill.


Vertical gardens look amazing and take up zero space on floors and counters which makes them really practical. You can start one in your balcony, on one of the walls in the kitchen or even outside on a fence. With these planters you can do that in no time. They come in sets of three and they can be easily mounted on walls with screws. Use them to grow herbs, succulents or small flowering plants. 

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You can use Nido Cottage either as a table planter or as a hanging basket. It’s done by simply attaching or removing three thin chains. This transition is simple and the clever design lets you redistribute the pots around a space or change the decor when it gets boring. The liner is easy to lift and the water-level indicator lets you keep an eye on how each plant is doing and when it’s time to refill.

The shape and dimensions make this planter great for windowsills or for outdoor spaces. It’s actually not a single long planter but a set of three, hence the name, Trio Cottage. They have a self-watering system which stores excess water, with a level indicator for each compartment.

These stylish pots are lovely, whether you plan on offering them as a gift or keeping them for yourself. Thanks to the special design of the interior pot the plant’s roots can breath and grow, getting water from the bottom reservoir as needed. The pots come in several colors and in three different sizes. Mix and match these aquaphoric planters however you want.


This is Muro, a versatile self-watering planter made of polyethylene resin. It’s suitable for indoor and outdoor use and it comes in lots of different colors, both matte and lacquered and four illumination options to choose from. Each planter weighs around 15 kg.

Uve is very similar to Muro, except for the shape. This is in fact a double planter shaped like a V. You can put a plant in each of the two compartments. They share a water reservoir which makes maintenance a breeze.

How would you like to grow a small herb garden and only have to water it once every few weeks? You can do that with Smart Farm, a set of 20 planters combined into a single vertical unit. A water tank which lasts 2 to 3 weeks makes this garden almost maintenance-free. You can set a timer to water the plans automatically. All the pipes and adapters are included in the kit.



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