15 Plant Stands That Raise The Bar For Stylish Interior Decors

It’s time to turn those plants that you love so much into something more than just a source of green for your windowsill. It’s time to help them become eye-catching decorations and to allow them to stand out by putting them in stylish planters or on one of these exquisite plant stands that highlight and complement their silhouettes and their beauty. You don’t need an entire garden to make your house looks fresh. A single well-placed plant stand can be enough.

A plant stand doesn’t need to be overly sophisticated or to have a very detailed or complex design. In fact, a simple design allows the focus to remain on the plant and only helps to put a bit of emphasis on it. A stylish example is the Case Study Ceramic Hex stand which has a very clean, simple and elegant design available in three colors.

If you have more than one cute plant which you want to put on display, you can put several together and showcase them on this decorate ladder plant stand from Ikea. It’s very practical if you’re living in a small place or if you simply want to decorate one of your walls in a casual manner.

This stand can potentially also be used as an end table and is great for displaying not only plants but also sculptures, vases and other decorative objects. It has a sculptural metal mesh base with a geometric design and square top made in solid wood with a walnut finish. You can find it on Amazon.

Speaking of sculptural designs, there’s a couple of plant stands which you must definitely see. One of them is this floor column designed in the Corinthian style. It has a beautiful ivory finish. You can use it as a plant stand but it can also hold sculptures which actually makes a lot of sense. You can buy it on Amazon. Each column is handmade.

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If you prefer the Neo-classical style, check out this pedestal from Design Toscano. It’s something you can put in your home or even out in the garden. Each piece is handmade out of crushed stone and resin and has an antique stone finish for an authentic look.

This cute plant stand could be something you keep on your desk, console table or on your nightstand. It’s small and you can use it for succulents, cacti and perhaps even some herbs. The stand is modern and made of metal and the pot is white and made of ceramic. Available on Amazon.

This is an interesting combination which shows that even an old metal bucket can look beautiful in the right context. It’s an iron pot shaped like a bucket placed inside a decorative basket with a leaf motif. It’s something you can display inside if the decor matches this style but also outside, on a patio or in the garden. Each piece is handcrafted. Available on Amazon.

It’s not a stand but much rather a planter and we find it particularly beautiful because of its antique finish. You can get it on Amazon and it comes in three sizes: small, medium and large. It has no drainage holes so it would be more practical to use it as a shell or as a stand for a separate planter or pot.

Display a funky-looking indoor plant in one of these planters/ stands and it’s guaranteed to become a stylish focal point for the room. The stand is made of solid iron forged by hand and there are several interesting designs to choose from. Check out some of the options on Barel.

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The Green Cloud by Mermelada Estudio is a series of modern plant stands which look a lot like minimalist lamps with plants growing out of them. We really like the simplicity of the design and the fact that it has a playful and fun element.

Take your plants off the floor and let them truly stand out with a plant stand that’s stylish and elegant is a simple and subtle way. This wire planter from Etsy is made of iron rods and has a galvanized finish which allows it to look chic in modern, industrial as well as rustic and traditional decors, indoor or outdoor.

Looking for a different kind of plant stand, one that says chic in a refined, old-fashioned way? Perhaps these steel ones would do the trick. These have these cute little curved feet and a silver finish and they look really cool in combination with these antiqued trays. {found on shopterrain}.

Rossum is also a metallic plant stand but its design is obviously more modern. Notice the way in which the planter and the stand complement each other. One features smooth curves while the other has sleek, straight lines.

Bloom is an oversized plant stand designed for public spaces. It definitely has a lot of character and a strong presence not just because of the size but also of the design and the sculptural shape. Bloom is designed by Eugeni Quitllet and made of polyethylene resin. It lights up at night.



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